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The first thing you will learn about high blood pressure is that it is a disease that requires great care. A condition that, if left untreated, it can trigger a bigger problem such as a heart attack, problems in the cardiovascular system and death. High blood pressure is an issue that requires medical attention to stay controlled, but there are also natural ways to control it without using any type of medication.

People who suffer from high blood pressure should be aware of their need to modify their lifestyle habits to maintain a healthier lifestyle that helps them prevent, delay or control their pressure problems.

In this article we will revisit some of the most important changes in lifestyle people need to make if they want to lower their blood pressure in record time. Bear in mind that you should always consult with your doctor before trying a new solution, even when they are natural.

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Nature gives you hundreds of solutions

There is a wide range of natural remedies that help reduce high blood pressure levels with excellent results. Before you start consuming them it is important to consult your doctor, especially if you are already following some type of pharmacological treatment. Many studies have found that blood pressure can be effectively reduced with natural medicine.

Daily workout

It’s been proved that exercising regularly, between 30 minutes and an hour, can reduce high blood pressure, and the results are immediate. Bear in mind that exercising improves health in many ways and, in this case, is key to controlling high blood pressure levels and keeping under control. The ideal thing to do is to consult the doctor before starting a routine or have the supervision of a coach to know if you have to restrict some type of exercise. In less than a month you will feel the difference.

It will also help you lose weight, people who are overweight or obese are overloading their heart much more work than it is supposed to manage. This causes them a high blood pressure problem. Having a balanced and healthy weight not only helps improve self-esteem but is key to preventing and treating high blood pressure problems.

Prepare your own meals low in sodium or without salt

People who suffer from high blood pressure should reduce salt or sodium intake as much as possible. Salt is a very common ingredient in the kitchen and it is one of the main ingredients that can cause fluid retention and restricts blood flow to heart making the heart beat harder to mobilise excessive blood volume.

Remember that processed foods contain too much sodium and this affects people suffering from high blood pressure. These types of foods are usually not healthy and are loaded with a large number of chemicals that can affect the body in many ways.

Quit smoking

Cigarette stimulants can raise blood pressure significantly, making the blood pressure problem more complicated. This habit, which is so harmful to the body, can worsen people with high blood pressure and cause them to suffer dire consequences in their cardiovascular health. Quitting smoking is not easy, but it is not impossible either. It is possible to leave this bad habit in only 4 weeks, you just have to start.

Reduce caffeine consumption

Caffeine can increase blood pressure in people who consume it infrequently. However, in people who regularly drink coffee, the strong effects on blood pressure are almost absent.

Although it’s not clear what the effects of chronic caffeine intake are on blood pressure, there is a possibility that blood pressure will increase slightly. To check if caffeine raises your blood pressure, measure blood pressure within 30 minutes after drinking a caffeinated drink. If your blood pressure increases you may be sensitive to the effects of caffeine that increase blood pressure.

Check your blood pressure daily

Evaluation and follow-ups at home can help you control your blood pressure, make sure your lifestyle changes are working, and alert you and your doctor regarding possible complications. Blood pressure meters are widely available and do not require a prescription.

Regular consultations with the doctor are also essential to control blood pressure. If you have not visited your doctor in the last 6 months, then this is the first step you need to take.

Limit the amount of alcohol you drink

Alcohol can be good for your health when consumed in low doses. In lesser amounts, you can potentially reduce your blood pressure. However, that protective effect is lost if you drink too much – usually more than one drink per day in those older than 65 years old, or more than two drinks in those that are 65 and younger.

Drinking more than the recommended amount of alcohol can even raise blood pressure several points. It can also reduce the effectiveness of medications for blood pressure.

Seek support

The support of your family and friends can improve your health. They can encourage you to take care of yourself, take you to the doctor or accompany you in an exercise program to keep your blood pressure low.

If you discover that you need support beyond your family and friends, consider joining a support group. This can put you in touch with people who raise your morale or improve your emotions and who can offer you practical advice to cope with your condition.

Educate yourself

Knowledge is power, and you will need to know everything you can relating to your condition. Read blogs and stay updated with any additional information that you find regarding new remedies and practices to lower blood pressure.

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