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Choosing, any day that we want to incorporate into our home is increasingly difficult due to the huge number of products and options that we have in the market, not forgetting to mention the dizzying career of technological development to which we have lately accustomed and that almost does not leave us time to assimilate the benefits of the new technology. And although it seems that the blinds are one of the simplest elements and with less possibilities of change, they have also suffered an evolution especially in terms of materials or types of installation. On the other hand, we must point out that when thinking about the acquisition of new blinds, the main question that usually arises is in terms of the choice of aluminium blinds or PVC blinds.

Thanks to our top blinds at  Sure Shade you can finally enjoy top quality external cover that will help you keep your house cool and comfortable for these hotter days as well as protecting yourself of excessive UV rays.

Main advantages of Aluminium blinds:

  • A high level of acoustic and thermal insulation not exceeded by other materials of the current market
  • They can serve as a security element for the home to protect access from both doors, windows and balconies.
  • Sufficient level of exterior and interior aesthetics.
  • It is a material resistant to adverse weather conditions with a high level of durability.
  • They hardly need maintenance.
  • It is a very light but resistant material.
  • They are not flammable which will reduce the emission of toxic substances at the same time it is much more ecological than other materials in case of fire.

To situate ourselves and to know in depth the reasons why it is worth choosing aluminium blinds, we must bear in mind that it can fulfil important functions such as solar protection, thermal insulation and security in the home.

Aluminium blinds with good thermal insulation

In addition, if we choose to acquire the existing Thermotic system in some models of aluminium blinds that consists of injecting polyurethane foam inside, we will choose an even more efficient system in isolation.

For that reason, once it is clear what is really needed and the measurements, it is important to choose a resistant material and in that the aluminium has no rival whatsoever.

Aluminium blinds with a variety of colours

Also do not forget that thanks to the existing variety in the current market we will have the possibility to choose the colours, model and design to our liking. So much so that it would be interesting not to choose a single model for the whole house because as we know each room or area of ​​our home has a different personality especially if we have a large family.

However, we must bear in mind that one of the main disadvantages of this type of material compared to PVC is its price, which is somewhat higher, although it can naturally be compensated for by its long duration of aluminium blinds. That is the main reason why aluminium has become a little demanded material although our experts advise their choice against other materials.

On the other hand, you can also resort to the acquisition of blinds made of mixed materials that is usually formed by an extruded aluminium alloy and PVC whose main advantage is a greater colour uniformity that is much more showy.

Advantages of using venetian aluminium blinds

In the market there are a wide variety of blinds and curtains to protect our home or office of light. One of these systems are venetian blinds made of aluminium, but do you still not know what Venetian blinds are?

Venetian blinds are blinds composed of slats, which are joined together by a string. Its system allows you to raise and lower it to the height you want and also regulate its inclination to let more or less light pass. Aluminium venetian blinds can be used in any type of room, as they are resistant and very flexible.

Using aluminium venetian blinds has a large number of advantages:

  1. They adapt to any type of room. Aluminium is a very flexible and resistant material; therefore, it is suitable for most rooms of a home, office or commercial premises. It is resistant to both heat and humidity.
  2. It allows a maximum adaptation of the amount of light. Due to the system of inclination of the slats can be adapted to the maximum amount of light that is allowed to pass. In addition, its system also allows to raise and lower the height of the shutter, so if at a certain time a lot of light is needed, the presence of the slats can be completely eliminated.
  3. They grant great privacy. This type of blinds grants a great privacy to any space, be it the home, an office or a commercial space. Thanks to its system of slats you can have light, without sacrificing privacy.
  4. Ease in cleaning. This system of blinds is very easy to clean with a damp cloth, you will not even have to pick them up to have them clean and perfect like the first day. In addition, by avoiding textile products, if they carry other curtains, it is ideal to avoid allergies to mites.
  5. Wide variety of decorative possibilities. You will surely find them in more than 30 colours of venetian blinds made of aluminium, so you will surely find the one that best suits the colour of the walls or the decoration of the room in which you want to install them.


With our top blinds at Sure Shade you can finally enjoy top quality external cover that will help you keep your house cool and comfortable for these hotter days as well as protecting yourself of excessive UV rays. Contact us today for more information about our second to none blinds, we will be happy to assist you and make sure you understand the benefits of having external venetian blinds.