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These beauty rituals use acrylates, which link to the increase in cases of dermatitis and allergic reactions. Dermatologists warn of the danger of nails and false eyelashes. Allergic reactions to acrylates that are used in eyelash extensions and semi-permanent manicures are growing

Perfect nails without having to touch them up in a month, and ad tabs without having to resort to makeup. It sounds like a dream, and for a time it seemed that it was thanks to the semi-permanent manicure and eyelash extensions, which have become two of the most requested beauty rituals among people. And in a large business that has resulted in specialised salon openings in touch-ups and in the commercialisation of domestic kits for maintenance.

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Contact dermatitis

But there is bad news that, unfortunately, many users have already detected through their own experience. It is the possible, and increasingly pronounced, allergic contact dermatitis that can cause these nails and false eyelashes. The problem causes concern among specialists, to the point that it has become one of the topics addressed in the 47th National Congress of Dermatology and Venereology.

There has been an increase in diseases such as contact dermatitis caused by new purely aesthetic habits. Acrylates are present in nail polishes and in glues used for aesthetic purposes.

But what are acrylates? As technically they are described as the salts and esters of acrylic acid, which is a chemical compound produced from propylene (gaseous by-product of petroleum refining), which in its pure state is presented as a corrosive, colorless and penetrating odor liquid.

And those acrylates are related to skin damage: redness, swelling, formation of edema, and a burning sensation rather than burning in the skin, according to those affected. It can happen at the same time of the application of the glue with which the eyelash extensions are added. But it can also happen after a few minutes, a few hours … or even several days or months.

The allergic reaction to permanent manicure is usually manifested in more fragile nails, color alteration, and even fungi. The same can happen with fake tabs and their glue.

The allergic reaction, then, is a danger that can appear at the most unexpected moment. According to experts, those who already have other types of adverse allergic reactions to certain animals, pollen or plants, or nuts or shellfish are more prone to these complications. In the case of an allergic reaction due to false nails or eyelashes, the recommendation is to remove acrylates immediately and also go to the dermatologist.

And with regard to permanent manicure, the allergic reaction usually manifests itself with the breakage of the nails themselves and color alterations. They lose brightness, are more fragile, their natural color is altered and can even lead to the appearance of fungi and bacteria, in the worst case.

Difficult diagnosis and difficult treatment

How can we know that they caused us a reaction? Well, in the most fortunate people they simply realise that they have problems in the area where this substance has been applied. In the case of eyelashes can be in addition to stinging or inflammation, even vision problems. But the most disturbing thing is that the reaction to acrylates can cause dermatitis in areas far from where it was applied, which makes it difficult, at least initially, for the affected person to relate it to the beauty treatment.

Experts say: when we detect an allergen reaction, we begin an investigation to detect the source of sensitisation and the products that may contain it; Identifying it allows us to inform the patient and that he avoids contact with said allergen and those associated by a cross reaction.

The risk is that sensitisation to these aesthetic acrylates will cause future reactions to other necessary medical adhesives.

Because, as the experts explain, the greatest danger of acrylates is that they have a cross reaction between them. A specific sensitization to a specific allergen can have an impact on the future life of the patient so that sensitisation to the glue of today’s false eyelashes can cause future reactions to other products that are no longer purely for aesthetic uses and that may be essential , such as surgical glues, medical adhesives or cements used in dentistry and traumatology.

The need to regulate its use

Given the relevance of the problem, the more than 1,600 contact dermatitis specialists gathered at the annual meeting in Barcelona ask public institutions to take action. The misuse of cosmetics containing acrylates by both professionals and untrained users, together with the belief that they have no impact on health, has caused an unprecedented increase in this type of disease, so it is necessary to train, inform and regulate the use of these products, as was the case with thiazolinones, preservatives widely used in common cosmetics such as cleaning wipes, creams and cleaning and hygiene products :

Other beauty products also contain allergens, such as the gallate antioxidants of certain moisturizing lipsticks

Beyond the eyelashes and fake nails that can cause so many damages (it does not affect everyone, although everyone should go with extreme care), certain beauty routines contain other allergens that specialists have also reviewed during this congress. It is the case of the antioxidants gallates included in certain moisturizing lipsticks and fragrances of toothpastes and deodorants.

All these possible foci, in addition to the already so debated allergens that include the dyes and oxidants of the gums of certain synthetic garments, make the diagnosis often difficult. And the treatment, therefore, summarises the complicated specialists. We have to promote education and awareness so that citizens have all the possible tools that allow them to prevent and act in case they suffer from this type of dermatitis.

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