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Especially if you are starting, sometimes it will be difficult to find motivation to run. If you are not used to it, it will seem like a monotonous and boring activity that does not cause you more interest than losing weight.
However, that is only at the beginning. Once you observe that you advance that your power increases and that you feel better physically, your motivation increases and running begins to be a pleasant activity.
The problem is that, with all the distractions we have, that motivation is difficult to maintain. In this post there are some tips to stay motivated:

Think about health benefits

First, in order to do anything and stay motivated with it, we must find a reason. Why do we do it? Thinking about health benefits provided by running on a frequent basis will motivate you. These are some excellent benefits you have to take into account:
• Improves heart function
When you run, the inside ventricles increase 20% in size, which causes blood supply to increase, benefiting the organs. In addition, you will reduce bad cholesterol, which is one of the triggers of heart disease.
• Improves the functioning of the lungs
If you run, you will improve the functioning of your lungs, breathe better and therefore increase your quality of life.
• It helps you lose weight
A lot of people start running because they want to lose weight. And you do well if you are one of them because this activity is one of the most efficient ones to burn calories and lose weight. Each kilometre and a half you will burn approximately 100 calories and in addition, you will increase your muscular mass, speeding up your metabolism which will cause you to burn more calories while resting
On the other hand, if you want to get the best results by losing weight, combine running with a healthy diet and lose weight much faster.
• Reduces depression, stress and makes you happier
Like other types of exercise, running relieves a lot of stress and even depression. After doing some anaerobic exercise it is characteristic the feeling of euphoria, calmness and calmness after finishing the session.
In addition, research shows that adults who exercise consistently are happier than those who are more sedentary. Therefore, this is one more reason if you want to feel energetic and creative.
• Delays ageing
According to various studies, exercising delays ageing and running is one of the best ways you can choose.
• Improves sleep
Researchers from Northwestern University showed that people who exercise have higher quality of sleep, as well as less symptoms of depression, more vitality and less sleepiness during the day.
You already know the benefits; however, it is possible that in spite of it you feel unmotivated and do not have the strength of will to go out to the street or go to a park or gym and have a good time running. Nevertheless, there are other things to have in mind to keep motivation for running:
Start with a short period of time
Whether you want to lose weight or start running for pleasure, you do not need to be able to run for an hour since the very beginning. In fact, that will only decrease your motivation, in addition to your body that will not be prepared for it. You can start with 10 minutes, or even 5, and from there go up 1 minute per day.
It may seem small, but this will prevent you from demotion first because you will see everything much simpler. In a month you can be running up to 30 minutes a day.
Set a goal you want and make it visible
This is very important and it will be one of the best aids to stay motivated. What motivates you the most about running? Why do you do it? Run a marathon and win? Lose weight?
If, for instance, you want to lose weight, put on the goal of losing 2 kilos per month and put in your room a visible picture (that you can see each morning and before going out to run) of someone whose physique you like and you can reach by exercising.
Use music
This is a traditional way and it works. Music motivates, distracts, relaxes and encourages you. You can choose any genre you like: soundtracks, classical music, rock, pop. Another option is to put your favourite radio shows or any kind of recordings to learn something while you run.
Do not wait for someone to go out with you
This will encourage your independence and you will be able to follow your goals autonomously. You cannot depend on someone wanting to go out with you to lose weight and improve your health, it’s something you have to do. It is also true that there are people who are more motivated to go for a run if they do it with a partner. If you are one of them, ask your friends or relatives and if nobody wants, you can search online communities. However, remember that being independent will be one of the skills that will make you happiest in life.
Write down your success and reward yourself
Are you going to miss an achievement without cheering or giving yourself a prize? You better not because you would be losing an opportunity to cause a behaviour to repeat itself.
Use a notebook to write down the distance and time you run each day. This will make you aware of your progress and that the effort has its reward. Also write down your weight and how you feel after running.
Use rewards for yourself. They do not have to be material rewards, that also, but compliments to yourself as: “you are a crack” or “you have done very well”, you can also reward yourself with delicious food every now and then. It is important that you do this when you have really tried and done well.
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