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Makeup is a great ally for us women. Is there any doubt? But, as we always tell you, you have to know how to apply it to make the most of it. Not to mention about knowing makeup tricks: add extra points to improve our look! Achieve a doll-eyed look with our superior vegan eyelashes made with totally cruelty-free procedures, visit Tigress Beauty for more information.

That’s why, in this blog, we bring you more makeup tips so you can take note. It’s about 10 makeup tricks from several experts that, once you learn and use them, you’ll look professionally made up.

  1. Hide dark circles

Makeup is our great ally to get rid of the odious dark circles. What do you have to do to disguise them? First clean your face with a cleaning lotion, then put a moisturizer with antioxidants and vitamin A, C and E in the dark circles to reduce inflammation. Let the cream act for 15 minutes.

After that time, you should apply the makeup itself. The product that serves to cover dark circles is the concealer. Apply a few drops of the concealer in the area and with the fingertip of the ring finger taps to cover the dark circles; gently extend from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. It is important that you apply a little quantity, because then with your fingers you extend and blur it.

  1. Remove the brightness of the face

Do you hate to have a shiny face when you apply base? This is a problem that we suffer when we have mixed skin or oily skin. A trick to prevent that unattractive shine is to apply primer or pre-base, a product that not everyone knows, nor use, but that has many benefits.

The first is applied before the base, preferably in those areas prone to sweating such as the forehead, nose, bozo and chin. This product mattifies the skin, so that not only reduces the sweating of the face but also helps the makeup last longer.

After applying the base, do not forget the translucent powder, which fixes the makeup on the skin.

  1. Deep delineation

For an evening make-up, try liquid eyeliners. You just need practice and patience.

Place a mirror face up on the table so you can look at yourself. First, it delineates the line where the lashes are born with pencil eyeliner. Then, using that line in pencil as a guide, trace the outline with liquid eyeliner in delicate and small strokes. Remember that delicacy is essential when making up so as not to make mistakes.

With liquid eyeliner you will get a much more attractive look, ideal for the night.

  1. Make the labial last longer

Sure, it happened to you to leave the house with red lips super sexy but you get to the party and you have nothing … For this does not happen again and make the lipstick last longer on your lips you should do the following:

Apply a little base on your lips before applying lipstick. The base helps the lip makeup stay concentrated and last longer. Remember also that it is necessary to apply two, or even three, labial layers to obtain the desired colour. When finished, apply a little translucent powder to fix it on your lips.

  1. Illuminate the look

Once you have applied eye shadow and eyeliner, you cannot forget this trick: apply a pinch of white or satin grey shadow on the fixed eyelid, that is, on the little bone of the eyebrow and blur it around the area with a brush or with your fingers

  1. Longer tabs

Do you want your lashes to look longer, voluminous and with an arched effect? You do not need a curler to achieve it, because with just the classic mascara we can create that effect.

Place a mirror face up on the table so that you can see it in detail. Take the mask brush and apply it slowly from the base of the eyelashes upwards. Make soft zig-zag movements while applying it to avoid lumps and eyelashes sticking together.

With a little practice, your eyelashes will be better and better!

  1. Larger lips

Makeup can also help us to make our lips look much fuller and sexier! To do this, use a gloss lip or gloss transparent or colour preferably for a more noticeable effect. The trick is to apply it only in the centre of the lips, so that they seem naturally larger.

  1. Perfect eyebrows

Do not forget the eyebrows! For the makeup look perfect, the eyebrows also have to be perfect: well shaved, defined and combed.

Make sure that the area under the eyebrows is completely free – without any hair – after the hair removal with a tweezer.

If you do not have an eyebrow brush, brush them with a clean mascara brush to define them.

  1. Apply blush correctly

The blush, rouge or blush on the cheeks cannot miss makeup. Pale colours are recommended -such as light pink, peach and nude- for the day and more intense shades of pink for the night. You must also take into account the rest of your makeup: for example, if you have a striking eye makeup, you should limit yourself to clear blushes or as natural as possible to achieve a balance.

The correct way to apply the blush is with a brush, from the “manzanitas” that are formed on the cheeks when we smile in a light movement towards the hairline. You should extend the blush gradually to make it look natural.

  1. Smokey eyes

It’s time to learn how to make the famous smokey eyes! Sure, you have a friend who looks and you love them but you’re not sure how they’ll fit you… Well, it’s time to cheer up and try it with the tips I tell you here.

This type of makeup consists of applying shadow – preferably black, although you can make the smokey eyes with the colours you want – on the mobile eyelid and gradually blur it to the mobile eyelid, creating a smoky or degraded effect. It is accompanied by an intense eyeliner or a shaded outline to complete the look

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