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beautiful women with perfect art make up and long false eyelashe

If you are a follower of a beauty fashion blogger or youtuber, it is very possible that you have noticed that each tutorial ends up putting on some false eyelashes. More radical or more discreet, the use of this beauty accessory is widespread in countries such as the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom, as something very natural. It’s not different here in Australia. As much as lipstick.

With fake lashes we can try something new and find new looks to combine with our outfits. And why not? Daring with false eyelashes can be a success, as long as you know how to wear them.

Stop cruelty in the makeup industry by resorting to vegan eyelashes such as the one provided by Tigress Beauty. With our eyelashes you can easily emulate the look of natural eyelashes with extra volume that will help you achieve a beautiful doll-eyed look.

Not only for famous people and standing out from the rest

False eyelashes are one of the most used accessories of red carpets and have you ever thought that the favorite actress to take the Oscar wore false eyelashes? Well, not only her, they all wear them. And not only actresses, celebrities in general bet on them in any event and are widely used in many photo shoots, and why? Because they look super good. Of course, provided the result is natural.

For this, the most important thing is to choose a model of false eyelashes that is not excessive. It’s about finding ones that are longer and thicker than ours but maintaining naturalness. Therefore, he flees from those that are like a block, those that have strange shapes and those that are excessively black. On the contrary, bet on those that seem made hair by hair (those that seem to be counted one by one) and those that have a dark brown or dark gray tone.

Adapt them to the shape of your eye

False eyelashes usually have a standard size, but of course, the eyes do not. If our eyes are not 100% symmetrical with each other, imagine wanting some false eyelashes to adapt perfectly to them without doing anything. That is why it is necessary to invest in good eyelashes that seem made hair by hair: it will be easier to adapt them to the shape of the eye, cutting off the part that is over.

Of course, when you trim a false eyelash, always do it by cutting the outer eyelashes. Although they are fan-shaped and the outer ones are precisely the longest, if you remove those from the inside of the eye, that progression is going to be lost and they will no longer seem natural.

Watch out for the glue

This point is super important: use ONLY approved eyelash glue ONLY. Don’t even think of using other types of glue because the health of your eyes is at stake. And to put them right, a trick of youtuber: do not put on the tab just put the glue; it is best to wait half a minute or so, until it acquires a more sticky than liquid texture.


They look great, but we already noticed that putting them on for the first time is not easy. But with a little patience, it doesn’t have to take you long either. So, if you have decided to launch these holidays, cheer up! But it still compensates you to practice how they get the day before. And if you see that you are not capable, have them put on by a professional. For example, in Benefit eyebrow bars they also have this service.

And since you are going to have a slightly excessive look, do not load much the rest of the makeup: red lips, a little illuminator, mascara (yes, to finish joining yours to the fake and that are more natural) and ready to put eyes.

Who can wear fake eyelashes?

False eyelashes are characterised by very small groups of synthetic or human hair, which can adhere to the eyelid with the help of a special glue and thus create a bulkier effect on the look. However, beyond being very beautiful, false eyelashes have their disadvantages, since they can cause allergic reactions if they are not applied in the best way.

You should wear fake lashes if…

Those women who have their very thin or short natural eyelashes, can use artificial eyelashes and perform a very fine eyeliner right on the edge of the natural eyelashes to hide the addition of the false eyelashes. In addition, the use of the mascara is essential, since it accentuates the look much more. With false eyelashes you achieve a sexy and stunning eye makeup.

If you want to have a natural look, opt for individual or three-eyelashes, and place them with a hair clip, or, opt for the entire strips of false eyelashes make the eyes look much larger.

To apply the latter, you must support the strip of eyelashes on your eye and measure it from the beginning to the end of the upper natural eyelashes, then cut in the strip those that exceed.

Apply glue on the strip of artificial eyelashes and place it on the line of natural eyelashes. Set it up so it sticks properly and let it dry. Make an eyelid on the mobile eyelid to conceal the application of the false eyelashes and apply black mascara to join yours with the others.

In the case of having some kind of special eventuality or a costume party where a gothic look is desired, use false eyelashes, apply well-defined dark and delineated shadows, and conclude this aspect with a black mask.

Disadvantages of using false eyelashes

When you put false, you will not only be increasing the amount of eyelashes that are in your eyes, but you are also making them look thicker. However, it is not a daily solution, since when you go to rest with artificial eyelashes, these could cause infections or allergies due to the various bacteria that accumulate below them.

Therefore, it is essential that before going to sleep, remove your eyelids and remove the fake so as not to cause conjunctivitis, and use artificial ones in special cases and not every day because the glue could cause allergies.

Remember to avoid any components coming from animals. But for true vegan makeup find your products here at Tigress Beauty at the best prices and with a unique quality.