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We have talked to you in our space on more than one occasion about wearing bras. They are suitable? Or are they an element that is not without some risk to our breasts?

A study carried out in France by Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, for example, told us that wearing these garments did not help much. Not wearing them will prevent for example that, over the years, our breasts end up losing firmness and appear more sagging. According to this scientist, wearing a bra induces that we lose this firmness and that more stretch marks appear.

However, there are also other voices within the medical community that indicate their usefulness. If, for example, we have very large breasts, with the bra they are better collected and make us feel more comfortable.

The secret so that the bras do not harm us is that we always choose our most appropriate size, a detail that, according to statistical data, few women get to succeed. Hence, sometimes we opt for bras whose rods or cups are too small, compressing the breasts, thus preventing proper blood circulation.

If you are one of those who cannot do without wearing it, always be careful to choose the most comfortable and appropriate bra for your body. It’s essential.

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