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All the parts composing the engine are of vital importance. We know that there are many pieces and sensors that make possible the corrector operation of a propeller, therefore, each one has its value, no matter how small it is and regardless of its location.

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For many years, a fundamental part in the normal development of the engine was the carburettor. This element was used for a long time in the old engines, until they were replaced by full injection systems. The job of the carburettor was to prepare the air-fuel mixture in the engines powered by gasoline. And said in a simpler way, the carburettor made the engine work economically, and obtained the highest output power. This element was designed and built at the end of the 19th century, and although you may not believe it, there are still many countries where cars depend on that technology.

The carburettor was a great invention that significantly improved the life of the engines; depending on the engine, we found them in different sizes, some were really small, and others, much larger. Inside they were a small world of small pieces, between the needle, the choker, the butterflies, the mouths etc.

Injectors, function and preventive maintenance

But like everything, the carburettor was part of a technology that was gradually being left in the past, until it was completely replaced by modern engines. The years passed, and with them an entirely new system was announced, which promised to be more efficient and in the long run much more economical in terms of its maintenance. The full injection system. This advance included new pieces that were designed to improve the power output. Among its many elements we can mention the most important. The injectors. Some people tell them the gasoline sleeves, and others call them the little showers that fire gas to achieve maximum power. The certain thing of the case is that the injectors were designed to fulfil a very important function, to introduce, so to speak, fuel at high pressure in the combustion chamber, when the engine is in the compression cycle.

Injection system

The injection system consists or depends on a displacement pump that is capable of injecting different amounts of fuel, at different pressures, and this is achieved thanks to the pistons of this pump which are attached to each injector. The body of injectors drives or supplies fuel to the intake duct or to the pre-combustion chamber, and they do so in a sprayed or spray-type manner, in this way the fuel is distributed more homogeneously depending on the operating regime of our engine.

Types of injectors

There are two types of injectors depending on the type of engines. In principle, we find mechanical injectors, which in this case are those that were used in diesel engines until they arrived or were replaced by single or common-rail injection systems. A system of feeding makes possible his operation, and this is in charge to supply the amount of fuel and the moment in which it must pulverize. But we also find the injectors of the electronic type, which are those used in current engines powered by gasoline. These injectors work with sensors that send information to the control unit and it is this one that approves how much fuel must be supplied and at what moment. At present, this system is also used in modern diesel engines.

Cleaning and maintenance of the injectors

As we already know, all the components and parts of our engine are not eternal. However, with proper preventive maintenance we can achieve longer life and of course, avoid problems that generate certain faults in our engines. The same happens with our injectors. These small pieces are exposed to all the impurities that little by little accumulate in our fuel tank. These impurities or dirty is sucked by the fuel pump and goes directly to the injectors. That is why we must invest in a good fuel filter, of good quality, and replace it when necessary, thus avoiding premature deterioration of our injectors. When we feel pulls in the acceleration or deceleration is a symptom that our injectors need a cleaning. Remember, a clogged injector causes a cylinder to stop working and this leads to less power in our engine.

Types of cleaning

Among the types of cleaning of injectors that exist we can mention the cleaning with additives, which consists of adding certain liquid additives to the injectors that uncover them. This method is the most economical in the market. However, the manufacturers of the injectors do not recommend it, since the power of the substances that act on the injectors ends up deteriorating them quickly. We also find the cleaning by sweeping that consists of coupling a pond with the cleaning liquid to the car. Once we do the coupling, we turn on the engine so that this solution circulates through the fuel rail until the bottle of cleaning fluid runs out. This liquid is very powerful and must be completely diluted to achieve effective cleaning.

Finally, we found ultrasonic cleaning. This method consists of extracting the injectors and placing them in a test bench where they are not only washed, but also characteristics such as resistance, tightness, spray pattern and flow are measured. Of course, this method is the most effective, as it corrects any damage in the injectors individually. Ultrasonic cleaning is the most recommended.

The injectors are made to last for many years, but everything will depend on the good maintenance we apply to it. The use of fuel filters of superior quality, added to its preventive maintenance will make the injection body last for a long time, complying with the normal operation of our engine and avoiding annoying failures that imply major problems.

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