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The concern for the safety of the family unit is one of the factors that are climbing the most in our list of priorities. The continuous assaults on homes and the violence with which they occur, even in broad daylight, makes us take the security of our house very seriously and want to count on the help of a professional in the sector.

Each family structure is different and has needs that do not have to be equal to those of its neighbour, so the use of standardised alarms is still a temporary solution and not 100% effective. For your home to be safe it is necessary for a security expert to analyse all the risk fac tors that surround it: access, location, distribution of the rooms, windows, security of the entrance door, residence design or even if in the inside the house are going to store valuable items.

A professional in the security sector will carry out a study of all the risk factors that may pose a threat and will design a device according to our needs. Is it a high-risk area? Do you keep any expensive jewels at home? Is it necessary to create a panic room?

The design of private homes is no longer done in the same way as a few years ago, now the privacy and security of homes are one of the most important requirements to attract customers and sell promotions. If a buyer sees that a house has an advanced security system, where all possible fronts are covered in the face of a threat, the chances of the operation being closed will be multiplied.

We cannot forget that the home is the most comfortable and safe place we have, a space where we feel safe and within our comfort zone should be the norm.

Remember that MDI is the leader in the market of products that ensure safety such as gate hardware that are second to none in terms of quality. Our sliding gates, swinging gates and door openers are only some of the solutions we can provide.

Luxury homes point to safety

Ask wealthy owners what is important in their homes and the chances are that privacy and security are among the main concerns.

As the value of homes and possessions increases along with the public profile of an individual, so do security issues; and today the perception of security may include a range of new vulnerabilities.

When it comes to protection, homeowners have more tools than ever, literally within their reach. Security has become easier to incorporate into our homes with technology. We find customers who integrate everything from opening the garage door to lights to control the temperature and have security as part of that integration. Customers can look at the door of their home from a mobile device. This allows security to be simple and uninterrupted.

The home security and protection area has not only accelerated at a remarkable rate, but smaller monitoring devices have changed home security. These are all great technological advances, but the general warning, especially to people of very high net worth, is that they are aware of the vulnerabilities of those technologies. The more technology there is in your home, the greater the potential for vulnerability to piracy.


In addition, new devices may be attractive, but it is important not to lose sight of the basics. The devices that alert you to problems in your home are excellent, unless you are on a six-hour flight and discover that your home is on fire. It is good that you know, but make sure that a central monitoring centre or someone local can respond at any given time, depending on whether you are not in a four-hour meeting.

Wealthy owners should ensure that their security system is on par with the value, size and complexity of the property. For example, a very expensive house with a standard alarm system, in a house of that calibre, it is important to use experts and not trust the person who is installing the video. and audio systems.

Protecting the perimeter of a property is as important as protecting the perimeter of the house. However, this requirement varies according to the type of property and how often it is occupied. A house may only need a surveillance camera at the door, while 400 hectares in a rural area may require surveillance and alarms around the perimeter of the property.

Beautiful remote locations offer a high degree of privacy, but often carry inherent risks, including a longer emergency response time.

Balancing aesthetics and comfort with safety and protection is a challenge for exclusive homeowners. Owners often give appearances a higher priority. For example, some might be reluctant to install a smoke detector in some rooms because it may not match the ceiling or moulding. That is really important, but it also protects the value of its belongings.

Automatic gates besides being a security when it comes to storing the car or entering our house, will give us greater comfort to our lives when we get home, without getting out of the car we can open the gate of our house from a simple remote control , whether sliding, swinging, today there is a wide variety of brands of engines and systems so that our gate can be automatic and give us that security and comfort that is so necessary in the times we live.

These systems work both automatically with electric light, although you can also attach a battery system when we do not have light, and it will also work manually, for when the engine fails or we do not have electric light in our homes.

Remember that automating the entrance of your house will consistently increase its value in the market. If you are looking for new automatic gates such as automatic sliding gates or automatic swing gates, here at MDI you will find them. We also offer sliding gate servicing so you can make sure your equipment keeps working at full potential.