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It is neither a breakfast nor a lunch. In fact, its name comes from the fusion of the words ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch’. Brunch arrived in our country a few years ago and has already positioned itself as one of the most popular gastronomic offerings with teamwork. 

Its origin seems to be located in England when a meat buffet began to be served in the elite places of the country after hunting days. In the United States it became popular in the 1930s as a time to meet friends, to enjoy Bloody Marys and any other drink made from champagne or juice that would help mitigate the effects of alcohol from the night before. 

And with this philosophy it has spread to other countries. As writer Guy Beringer once said, “Brunch is a Sunday meal for Saturday night revelers.” A phrase that defines the concept with which this food has become popular and has conquered hotels, restaurants and bars in all European capitals. 

Normally, it is enjoyed between 11 am and 1 pm with a wide variety of foods, although some establishments already extend this service until 4 pm. A good brunch usually contains natural fruit juice, coffee, poached eggs or Benedictines on toast with ham, bacon or salmon. Also, yogurt with granola, pancakes or bagels. In recent times, avocado has played a leading role after the passion that this fruit has awakened in the whole world. 

Cafe Gusto is known for being a deluxe café with a special place where dedication and warmth can be felt in the air at the time you walk through the door. In order to provide our customers with an experience they consider worth repeating in the future, we always have tasty food, excellent coffee and the peaceful environment you desire available to you any time you need it.  

Eating brunch can also be the best option for health! 

Eating breakfast badly, quickly and with little flavor, can make us fall into monotony and establish harmful habits for our day to day. This common mistake tends to lead to other problems such as decay, lack of energy and concentration, and even bad moods. Experts affirm that one of the keys to a healthy diet is having a breakfast based on rich and nutritious foods that includes dairy, fruit, cereals, nuts, tea / coffee … 

The same study indicates that about 45% of those surveyed say that they like to change their breakfasts from time to time. Brunch has been presented as an option for the sleepiest or for those who want to live a different gastronomic experience. This English meal offers a lot of time, can be consumed inside and outside the home, allows us to mix sweet and salty and is the perfect excuse to break the routine while enjoying a good chat with family or friends. 

Sharing a meal is among the best experiences we can have 

  • It has been shown to have significant psychological and physiological benefits. 
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s our partner, friends, coworkers, or just someone we just met. 
  • By sharing food, we celebrate. We celebrate the moment, the occasion and the opportunity to be with someone else. 
  • It gives us an excuse to talk, reflect on the day, recent events, or what the future might bring. 
  • It gives us the opportunity to focus our attention on others and not on the daily problems that can overwhelm us. 
  • Also, eating with someone else is a small act, which does not require much effort or straying too far from our daily obligations. 
  • And often it is we ourselves who want to extend that time thanks to the good time we are having. 

The table is the place where we connect with each other 

The table acts as a unifier, it is a place of community. Sharing food together is the perfect occasion to forget about the worries of work, it is a time for us and for our sense of belonging to a community. 

It does not matter if it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, we will always appreciate having the opportunity to spend those moments with someone else and to know about their life and their opinions of the world. 

Most importantly, sharing food with someone else helps us prevent various negative effects both physically and psychologically. 

Proven benefits 

An analysis by the Organization for Academic Cooperation and Development found that students who do not eat regularly with their parents are significantly more likely to be absent from school. 

While those who eat with their parents five or more times a week have fewer alcohol and drug problems, they eat healthier and have better academic grades, according to a study by Columbia University. 

As we can see, relating to each other is one of the most important elements for human beings as social creatures; Food is a time and place for relationships to flourish and nurture, such is its importance. 

In our hands it is in giving our body the nutrients it needs throughout the day. As with lunch and dinner, breakfast allows us to incorporate almost infinite combinations of rich and nutritious foods to lead a healthy diet, but we know that it is not always easy. For this reason, Café Gusto we help you take a step towards a healthier life through the Live your Health initiative. On our specific site, we solve your doubts, we help you create your own breakfast and we provide some tips and ideas to improve your quality of life. 

We want to accompany you on this path and help you integrate a good diet into your day to day. And the first step is to start the day with a full breakfast that provides us with energy and nutrients to face the day while guiding us to a healthy diet. If you have questions about your breakfast, we invite you to visit the website and through our tool, you can assess whether your current breakfast is as healthy as it should be and you can acquire new techniques to save time during the week and create new rich, varied and nutritious options .