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A pool is not just for swimming or refreshing, it is also a meeting place where you can enjoy the company of the closest and dearest people while we talk and perform different activities. But especially it is an area of fun for the little ones, who have a great time playing and giving free rein to their adrenaline and their desire to experiment.

Outdoor parties are ideal to enjoy the hot summer days and have fun in the company of our family and friends. What better than planning big party at the pool? It will be an event that will delight all the guests, especially the children, and perfect for cooling off, sunbathing and spending super fun moments. If you want to know everything you need to plan a pool party, look at the tips we give you. Here A Snow Flow you can find popcorn machines, fairy floss machines and chocolate fountains for your pool party!

That’s why having a party in the children’s pool is always a good idea, and if you plan to prepare one, we’ll give you some tips so that everything goes perfect and that the kids spend as much time as possible. It’s not difficult, it just takes a little dedication. To achieve the goal of organizing a good party will be enough to do the following:

Invitations. The first step in planning a party at the pool is to prepare the invitations. Be original and creative creating some cards related to the theme of the party, containing images or drawings of floats, inflatable balls, swimsuits … and everything you can think of. Do not forget to indicate on the cards that guests must come prepared with a bathing suit, water shoes, towel, hat or cap and sunscreen.

Decoration. Decorating a pool party is simple. Collect a few coloured floaters as well as inflatable balls and some mats and scatter them around the pool, they will bring a very fun and cheerful touch to the event. Also, any object that you have at home and that brings summer aura can be used to decorate the party.

In case the party lasts until the night, a good idea is to place some torches around the pool to light the place well.

Furniture. Of course, it is essential to have adequate furniture so that guests are comfortable at all times. The best thing is to have hammocks, reclining chairs and tables necessary to serve food and drink. Also, make sure you have a safe space where your guests can leave their belongings.

Food. Without a doubt, something that cannot be missed in a good party is food. In this case, the best thing is to prepare a light and simple menu, you can prepare a buffet that includes cold appetisers, buns with hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwiches. A very easy and quick idea to do that turns out to be a success at any summer party.

And for dessert? To cool off in summer there is nothing better than serving a good assortment of the fruits of the season. Prepare delicious fruit skewers and also serve other cold foods such as ice cream or jelly for more variety.

Drink. Also, the food should be accompanied by cold drinks that keep the guests well hydrated. Prepare a few jugs of lemonade to quench thirst and other drinks such as fruit slushies, smoothies or refreshing cocktails. Make sure, in addition, that the guests have fresh water at all times.

Games and fun. Planning games and activities inside the pool is a great way to make the event a very enjoyable and fun experience. The wars with balloons or water pistols are ideal to entertain and have a good time of laughter. You can also place a net in the centre of the pool to play volleyball or prepare games with inflatable balls and floats.

Extra tips to ensure success in your pool party

  • Prepare some tables to place the menu, which should be simple and light, including for example cold appetisers, sandwiches, skewers, summer fruits and sweets. The drinks must be refreshing; You can use lemonades, slushies, smoothies and of course water. Use plastic cups and plates, if possible decorated with childish motifs, it is common for something to fall to the ground and we do not want the ceramic or glass to break and the children cut themselves when walking barefoot. A great idea is to serve ice cream at some point during the course of the party.


  • Always decorate the party in a simple and colourful way. The main points will be the pool, where it is a good idea to throw a lot of balloons on the water, and the tables. We can also hang some chains of balloons or flags around the pool.


  • Make sure you have enough chairs, as well as other rest elements such as hammocks or lounge chairs so that guests feel comfortable at all times.


  • Arrange a space where you can leave your things safely. You must also enable a bathroom that can be used to change, use the toilet or wash your hands.


  • It is also convenient to have some shade area next to the pool, where guests who require it can take shelter from the sun. The ideal is to have a large tent or sliding canopy and also some parasols scattered around different points around the pool. The latter will help to decorate the environment.


  • Take out a stereo radio, a pair of speakers and put music according to the age and preferences of children, this is key to creating a good atmosphere at the party.


  • When the little ones jump into the water for the first time, they will try to explode the balloons that we have distributed over the surface, as well as to use others to play among them. This is a good time to get several toys for the pool that will allow them to have a good time. Some ideas: mats, fun inflatables, beach balls, floating noodles or water sports like a pool volleyball.


  • We can also plan some pool games for children such as swimming races, balloon wars, touch the other, avoid the ball, wet with the hose, jump contest to pump, collect floats, find submerged objects, etc. In any case, these games will depend on the age of the children.

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