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If the upholstery has been stained with grease, food scraps, chewing gum … and you don’t clean it quickly, there could be marks for life. We give you some tips to make it look like new.

In order to have the seats of your car in good condition, the best thing, according to the experts, is to quickly remove any stain that falls on the upholstery -therefore, it is convenient to carry in the trunk a roll of absorbent paper, a sponge and liquid soap- and do a thorough cleaning every one or two months; You will find manuals on how to do it on this website on car care. If the upholstery of your vehicle is fabric, below we indicate, step by step, what to do to make it look like new. In addition, you can always use products that you will have at home.

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For specific spots:

  • Mud: To remove it, use a dry brush and then clean the area again with the brush moistened with water.
  • Chocolate: Use dry soap and rub hard. Wait a moment and rub again. You can also use a stain remover on your clothes.
  • Fat: It is one of the most difficult stains to remove -along with those of oil-. If it doesn’t go away with benzol, use dilute glycerin
  • Blood: It is usually removed with dry foam mixed with salt water or a mild detergent. If the stain is dry, add a little glycerin.
  • Makeup: It is easy to remove with alcohol. If it persists, use washing machine detergent for delicate items.
  • Tea or coffee: If it is recent you can remove it with blotting paper and then rub with ice; then, run a hot sponge. If it doesn’t go away, use benzine.
  • Threw up: It is vital to wash it as soon as possible with soap and water. If left to dry, it will “eat” the color of the upholstery … and its scent will last for months.
  • General cleaning for fabric seats: To clean the seats thoroughly, find an airy place, so that the car ventilates quickly and does not leave the strong smell of the cleaning products you use.

Steps for optimal cleaning of your car upholstery

  1. Take a deep breath

Surface dirt: To achieve a good result, first vacuum the upholstery -the more powerful the vacuum cleaner, the better-, paying special attention to the places where the bench and the backrest meet -where more dirt accumulates-. Do it from inside the seat to the outside, to ‘drag’ the dirt.

  1. Clean with soap and water

With patience … After vacuuming, clean the fabric with a sponge, soaked in water and liquid soap – like the one used to wash clothes. Do not rub hard, as you can damage the tissue. Wipe the sponge, too, from the inside out, just like with the vacuum cleaner.

  1. Rub thoroughly

Important … If there are still some stains, it is recommended that you clean it again using this time a dry foam for upholstery – for sale in automobile stores, for about 6 euros. Apply it all over the upholstery and leave it to act for about 10 minutes

  1. And finally

Spectacular result. Then, remove most of the foam with a cloth and, for the smallest residues, use a vacuum cleaner -if you have one of liquids, the better-: this way, you will eliminate the foam completely. Finally, wipe with a dust catcher to achieve a good result.

How to clean the interior of the car to prevent coronavirus

If you are aware that you have transported a person infected with the virus, it is important that you clean the car interior well to prevent the spread.

Frequent washing your hands, using disinfecting gels, staying home or covering your mouth with the inside of your elbow when sneezing or coughing, are some of the recommendations you should follow to avoid the dreaded coronavirus. However, you should know that cleaning the interior of your car in depth is just as important to prevent contagion, since the interior of the vehicle is one of the spaces where you spend the most hours a day and is also the perfect place for proliferation of bacteria and other microorganisms.

A simple sneeze from an infected person can cause the rest of the vehicle’s passengers to become infected, since the virus is able to survive in external elements for several days. Therefore, if you have evidence that you have transported a person infected by the virus or simply want to clean your car as a precaution, here are a few tips for you to leave the interior of your vehicle impeccable and protect yourself as much as possible from the coronavirus. These tips also apply to carpools or taxis.

Tips for cleaning the interior of the car

Doing a deep cleaning of the car is not an easy or quick task, since it is necessary to clean each part of the car well and some are more complicated than others. First of all, you should vacuum the interior as best you can, so that you remove any dirt, sand, hair, dust or dirt that may be inside. If the upholstery of your car is leather, be careful, since in case you have pebbles or sand in the cabin, these elements may scratch the upholstery.

The mats are the elements that accumulate more dirt inside the vehicle, since we constantly step on them with dirty shoes, so they require more cleaning. If your mats are made of rubber, just take them out of the car, clean them with a pressure hose and let them dry in the sun for as long as it takes. On the other hand, if the mats in your car are made of fabric, you should shake them vigorously, brush them with a soft bristle to remove the embedded dirt, and then vacuum them to remove all the dirt residues. If the dirt persists, it is advisable to rub the mats with a damp cloth or brush and let them dry in the sun.

To clean the dashboard well, use a microfiber cloth and a specific cleaner for the dashboards. Remember that after passing the cloth, it is important to dry the entire area well. Also, since the dashboard has very small spaces that accumulate a lot of dust and are difficult to clean, the ideal is to use a dry brush or an ear swab to remove all the accumulated dirt.

Lastly, clean the vehicle’s vents to breathe fresh air into the cabin. For this, it is best to use a dry brush or a vacuum cleaner. Also, don’t forget to clean the windows with glass cleaner and damp paper.

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