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Putting the big parties of a wedding on the table, we find small subsections with more importance than we thought at first. Some even go unnoticed by many grooms and brides and in the end, they do not notice them, which ends up being a big mistake. Because, although the colours of a wedding do not seem a relevant issue, they become important for celebrations with true style.

The colours are key in the decoration of a wedding, since they act like guide of the same, and are subject to many circumstances. The seasons of the year, for example, make up the chromatic tuning of many weddings, although it depends a lot on the couple and the wedding planners.

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Keep reading to find out how to choose colours to decorate your wedding in 4 steps.

  1. Take advantage of the time of year

As we have already told you on multiple occasions, the decoration of a wedding is closely linked to the seasons. From the invitations to the centrepieces, all the details usually drink from the fantasies of each season. And, for this, we must consider the colours that give life to each of them, since their power is especially significant.

Each station has its star colours, although many of them change according to the season. In general terms, the autumn dresses in garnet, ochre, forest green, mustard and brown, with small winks to the purple. In winter, the whites, blacks, blues, purples and browns (the winter nature, the wood, the snowy forest …) comfort the cold season of the year, adding magic at Christmas with the incursion of red and green, already associated with one’s own winter. In spring, green, turquoise, lemon yellow and white reign, and some more striking like fuchsia; They are happy, fresh tones that invite you to think about the pleasant weather, the day to day outdoors, in the daylight hours. In summer, pastel colours: pink, lavender, yellow, vermilion, light blue and mint green are connected to the sun, the beach, the sea, nature and holidays.

  1. Follow the theme

The theme of the wedding comes in handy to start giving clues about the decoration. And colours have a lot to say in this respect, because they are perfect for setting contexts. Just as the movies we see tell us something about the time or the genre according to their colours, your wedding must bring the same feeling.

For example, seafaring weddings feel a special predilection for blue tones, especially sea and sky, but also the white and cream of uniforms, sand, boats or ropes. Vintage weddings, on the other hand, are characterised by pastel colours such as pink and mauve together with white, yellow and green.

With that special contribution of colours, you will establish some master guides that you can follow to undertake the rest of the decoration. Quickly, any detail will gain a sense thanks to the theme.

  1. Establish a type of wedding

Although there is more and more freedom in weddings, there are protocols attached to certain styles that are usually respected. The most formal weddings are not usually open to so many experiments and they deliver their charms to the most sober and elegant tones, such as white, black, silver and gold. At the other extreme, there are more informal, affect pastel shades and are subject to variations that may surprise much more, though perhaps excessively. It is always positive to maintain balance within your own immersion in colours, be it very basic or very extravagant.

There are more elegant colour combinations than others. In this sense, the entire range of blues, whites and ivories gain, which are also ideal at any time of the year. Red and white are also perfect for wedding decoration.

One of the tips we give you is that, regardless of the wedding style you have chosen, it should not exceed four colours: leave two central and the rest make the function of complementary tones around it, creating a tuning capable of enriching every corner.

  1. The place of celebration

The theme and the time of year are important, but these factors are almost always determined by the venue. Taking this as a reference, everything around you is swirled, also the colours of the wedding, which are associated with the chosen space and with the atmosphere prevailing in the area. In fact, the place usually clarifies a lot to the couple when it comes to decorating their wedding and choosing colours.

Thus, indoor and outdoor weddings change greatly and influence the chromatic palette chosen. In the interior celebrations, the seasons are not as important, but the style of the chosen space. There are more informal places and many more elegant places, subject to a more traditional or sober way of life. Everything must be considered. It can be a hamlet, a mansion, a barn, a farmhouse, a farmhouse or an old church and each of these sites include assorted colours in their nature. These places are inserted in a specific theme, topped with the colours of their rooms and decoration. Use these colours to reinforce the style of the wedding and the place, preventing them from facing each other and create a chromatic and stylistic mess.

In the case of the exterior, it is much easier to adapt to the style of the space chosen, whether in an open environment or in a garden. Many spring or summer weddings are located on the beach. This does not result in extremely strident colours, but whites and cakes, in line with the feelings that inspire a place of calm, tranquillity, bohemian tints and hippies.

In the middle of nature, the mountain, with the green adhered to valleys and hills, awakens a more natural theme thanks to the trees and the rest of the vegetation, with the greenish tones as the main references, but also the brown of the forest, the yellows and the red However, in a more rural and dry area, the yellows and the earth colours combined with the white take importance.

The most important thing is to achieve the harmony of space and colours, experimenting, but combining with good taste and without too much shrillness.

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