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There are two types of businesses or companies in digital: those who only want to do branding or communication, and those who really expect to sell. For the latter, this blog will answer the following question: how they can go out first on Google and with that attract or retain customers.

The term SEO, for those who do not know, comes from “Search Engine Optimization” and refers to a group of techniques to optimize your website for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, among others. If you execute it correctly, you will increase your visibility in the SERPs or search engine results, and consequently you will receive more referred traffic.

Regardless of whether or not the company has an online store implemented, with a complex shopping cart or simply with a contact form, the following model is useful:

If you want to understand a little better about traffic sources for your website, you can read this post. You should know that the source of search engine traffic (from Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), is the one that will give you the greatest volume of visits, and in the great majority, with an initial interest in the products or services you offer. The other thing you should know is that according to this video, 58% of Google users click on the first 3 results, and 36% only click on the first result. Awesome, right?

Another point is that, as probably the company you manage (as owner, employee or advisor), does not have an online store, you will surely want to attract customers under the following format:

What we explain better in this post. In short, you must deal with 2 things:

1 – Get a lot of traffic and quality, being the search engine traffic (which you get on Google, preferably first), the source of greater volume.

2 – Ensure that visitors who fall on your website, are motivated to buy, or leave your contact information on a form.

Already explained how it brings out first in Google (and why you should want to achieve this), and the fact of taking advantage of online traffic to get sales, we can explain, plainly, how to achieve these two points.

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One way to go first in Google: organic (SEO)

To position yourself in online search engines and exit first, you should know that there are 2 options to do so, the first is as follows:

Get to the first google page (Search Engine Optimization): That is equivalent to appear first in the Google ranking, without advertising. This depends on factors such as site configuration, placing content (product descriptions, articles or reports) that speak in a dense way about the products sold and the market in which you operate (for your city, for your country, etc.)

It also affects SEO, if the website is fast and well structured (with a hierarchy of content consistent with what you want to promote), among others. The level of SEO is cumulative and is gradually increasing. It is normal to start seeing results at 2-3 months, a little more if the site is brand new.

Another way to go first on Google: paying to go higher (SEM)

SEM (Search Engine Marketing): It is paid advertising of search engine results, in response to a word or group of words that the advertiser decides to leave, when a user (in your market), consult it on Google.

When SEM exists, and someone advertises with those words, it goes above SEO. It doesn’t always exist because there isn’t always a website advertising for a word or phrase on Google. The SEM is paid more expensive or cheaper, depending on the level of quality or SEO of the page, and if there is a competitor who pays (or bids) more or less for each click.

Turning more visitor traffic into customers: persuasiveness and landing pages

If you are going to make an effort to leave Google first, you should also have a higher rate of visitors call you, write or leave your data for a form. If we advertise SEM, no matter what we pay a lot or a little, traffic will fall on our website, and there we must make sure that it does what we expect (see the products, see the work that the company has done, and you decide to contact us for a new business).

To increase the level or rate of customers who enter the website, and buy or leave their data, persuasiveness must be worked on. To achieve this, one or several landing or landing pages must be prepared, which is not the same as a catalogue page or a contact only page (which is what they have now and does not sell).

For companies with low level of SEO, great competition of SEM, and pages with very low level of persuasiveness and conversion to customers, we recommend evaluating the following alternatives:

  • Work deeply on SEO, to see results in the medium and long term, and invest in SEM in the short and medium term. To work the SEO will have to rebuild part of the site, organize it and improve the presentation of the content, so they must take advantage of the task, to implement new landing pages (which will receive the SEM and create a base for SEO).
  • Do not work so much SEO, build a few landing pages (or only one for the entire company, if so considered), and depend primarily on SEM. Much less work and much less costs, in the short term, but without solution in the medium and long term.

At Website Connection we truly believe that nowadays it is essential to have a highly responsive website that makes customers feel comfortable using it. We will work towards helping you achieve your goals in the shortest time possible.