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Nature will be your temple. Love is in the air.

Think about it for a moment. When you are in love or in love, nothing else matters but that. You want the person, and, although you want your wedding in Orchards at Springvale Farm to be unforgettable for you and your guests, if you had to change plans, you wouldn’t mind too much. What not? Ah, love…

However, sometimes the costs of getting married in a room and in a church, can make our pocket literally shivering and it is possible that in this circumstance, you change your plan.

It may also be that you simply do not want a conventional wedding in a restaurant or lounge, and you want to do it differently. If this is what you are looking for, a countryside wedding is a great and different way to say yes. We want the person with whom you want to share your whole life in front of your friends and loved ones.

Advantages of getting married in the countryside

What better than marrying your partner in a natural environment, enjoying the smells and colours of nature? What better way to start this new stage of your life in a venue that will ensure contact with nature?

An advantage of getting married in the countryside is that you can celebrate a wedding and banquet in the same place, enabling different spaces for it, without the need for guests to make uncomfortable movements.

If you want to give a special touch to your wedding, you can celebrate the ceremony in the church where you choose so that the bride and groom then go by horse carriage or in a brand-new antique car to where the banquet is going to be held. But another option you have is, as we said before, to choose a place that has accommodation possibilities to celebrate your wedding totally and absolutely in the countryside, a rural house to stay you and your guests and nature as the temple witness of love that you profess for your partner.

Using good decoration, careful attention to detail, good chairs and good tables, you won’t need a lounge. In addition, eating outdoors is a perfect way to celebrate with your guests such a special day, and bars with portable refrigerators can make food and drink perfect.

Soundsystem offers you a lot of possibilities when it comes to organising your wedding, wherever the celebration is, we can offer you many options that will make it unforgettable. As special as you.

4 things you need to know to organise your wedding in the countryside

Nature, green, and pure air. All that combined, makes the countryside one of the best locations to carry out a wedding. If you come thinking about this idea, we share useful tips so that no detail is skipped.

Countryside weddings have been gaining ground for some years now, and more and more couples say yes. If you like nature and a simple style, an outdoor wedding will be your thing. For everything to go in tune with this type of wedding, they should pay attention to details such as decoration, wedding souvenirs, the menu, the wedding dress or the wedding cake. They should prioritise a rustic and simple but also romantic style. Take note, to have a real countryside party.

  1. Appropriate clothing

Although farms and rental stays are beautiful places with many amenities, they are still in the countryside. Therefore, it is preferable to prefer simple costumes, such as a simple wedding dress in the best bohemian style or hippie chic. For its part, the groom can wear a suit of a colour that is not black, or even in light fabrics such as linen.

The time of the day the ceremony is held will also influence this point. If the wedding is at noon, you can even wear a short wedding dress, while the groom can do without the coat or suit.

  1. A natural decoration

In the objects that will make up the decoration they can prioritise a natural and organic style. Wild flowers, and materials such as wood or tin will stand out. Ideally, it looks simple, balanced and rustic. Fabrics such as jute or burlap are also a must of countryside weddings.

A wedding of this type is a unique opportunity to combine with the DIY style, since simple decorative objects are sought, which are very simple to make. One afternoon, mate in between, you can dedicate yourself to this task: you save some pesos and have a countryside decoration made by yourself.

  1. Countryside style menu

So that the wedding is really framed in a natural and countryside style, point to a typical practical menu. For dessert or sweet table, you can decide for a simple wedding cake, sandwiches and bagels. As for the arrangement of the tables, if they prefer something more decontracted, do not number or set locations: that each guest decides with whom and where they want to sit.

  1. Some precautions to keep in mind

Outdoor weddings are really fantastic events, but they can be overshadowed in seconds by some inclement weather. Therefore, they have to be prepared for these types of situations, which are more common than one thinks. How? Having safe places to shelter, such as tents or a house that is on the farm.

In that same sense, if it rains before the wedding, anticipate how the grass and mud will look like, so that you can provide facilities for your guests, and avoid, for example, that your friends get dirty their elegant dresses for parties.

From a simple wedding hair with loose hair, to original souvenirs typical of the region in which they live. Every detail can say that you opted for a countryside wedding. It is a trend that is still booming, and that does not seem to reverse. Being in touch with the natural, while the sun goes down, and swearing love to the person they love, is priceless. With these details, and those that you add as your own, you will achieve a genuine, creative and extremely romantic marriage.

At Orchards at Spring Vale Farm you will find an excellent option for you as a natural place in the countryside with all the good things you can find in an excellent wedding venue.