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Have you ever seen an amazing shot of a pizza or pastry that you feel like tasting it just by looking? If you are a foodie and a passionate photographer, then you know exactly what I am talking about. You must have tried to get that perfect shot of your lavish dinner. In actuality, it is a truism that food photography is a somewhat challenging task. To make your photo look good is one thing. However, to perfectly depict the deliciousness of your food is not child’s play. Food photography Sydney can help you achieve just that!

There are too many factors that are to be taken into consideration. Like a blank canvas, a food photographer’s table is also blank at first. Then by adding layer by layer you build the picturesque scene to capture the essence of the food placed before you. It isn’t just about showing the stuff that is on your plate. It is about giving the viewer an experience of mouth-watering food.

Tips and Tricks for Food Photography Sydney


To master the art, especially food photography Sydney, here are some helpful tips and tricks:

Order the Pretty Stuff

The simplest thing you can do to get a good shot is to start by ordering food that looks good. You can’t do much with a bowl of soup or a scoop of ice-cream. So, go for food that has more patterns and textures, something like waffles. Choose colourful and vibrant foods to create an exciting image.

Enhance the Background

There is more to every picture than what meets the eye. Even though your primary focus is on the food in front of you, background details play an important role too. The human subconscious has many secrets. Your thoughts and feelings after looking at a picture depend on many small things such as colours, angles, shapes, etc.

It is best to start with white backgrounds when it comes to food photography Sydney. The give an elegant and classy look, bringing out the colours in your food more vibrantly. They also keep the content of the photo neat and uncluttered. Later you can switch to a bi-coloured palette to bring out some contrast.

Pay attention to the props and backdrops. Match the colour of your food and the linens.  Use yellow or orange plates and coral colours for tablecloths. The texture of wooden tables adds to the photos, and seamless backgrounds draw attention to the colours. For breakfast food, it is better to choose soothing colours that have a calming effect. For shooting barbecue sessions or sizzlers, pick hot colours like red, orange, yellow.

Colour plays a significant role in how your picture will come out. Keep your scene neat and appealing. Avoid the usage of too many colours. This will distract the viewer from our main hero: the food.

Tell a Story

Make use of props and elements that will bring out a story in your photo. Create a sequence of events in the mind of the viewer.  Add some life to your food by dressing it with some ingredients or sauces. Surround your dish with rich utensils or fancy cutlery that goes with it.

If you are capturing a dish of some specific cuisine, then you can even integrate elements related to its origins. For example, if you are shooting Chinese dishes, you can place chopsticks, a traditional lantern, etc. in the background. This will add some depth to your photograph and make it seem more than just food on a plate. You can also arrange flowers and candles to add beauty and colour.

Let there be Light!

Lighting is the key to any photograph.  The game of lights and shadows emboldens the subject. Natural sunlight adds an aesthetic touch to your photo. In matters of food photography Sydney, it’s a good idea to use lighting that is appropriate for the food.

For instance, if your photo contains omelettes, bacon and sausages, and other such stereotype breakfast food, then it is best to have bright light. In cases of sizzling cuisines, hot wings, dark lighting brings out the smoke and fiery taste. Make use of a diffuser to moderate the lighting in your image. Tweaking your ISO settings will also help you discover new ideas for food photography Sydney.


Pick the Right Angle

By now, you have arranged your table beautifully. All the desired colours, props, lighting seem perfect to you. You take your shot enthusiastically. But somehow it doesn’t look so great? Well, in such a case, change your angle!

The camera lens doesn’t see what our eyes can. This is why it is not everyone’s cup of tea to do remarkable photography. You need to visualize from which position the essence of the food comes out prominently. You can try different depths and heights. This creates a visual variety of layers. You can even use your tripod to better experiment with heights.

Understand how your food looks. Some dishes look great when shot from the top. Others may look equally unappealing. Rounded layered foods like cupcakes, pastries, and cakes mostly look better when shot from a side angle. A side angle highlights the patterns of the spiralled cream and brings out the many layers.

It is a wise idea to try with dummy props before setting up your entire scene. This will save you the horror of having to redo the whole set up in case the angle doesn’t feel right.


Ultimately, the quality of your food photography Sydney does depend on your camera and lens. Investing in a good prime lens will show better results. An increase in the length of the focal point compresses the background and draws attention to the food.

For making your photo cooler and calmer, you can experiment with the white balance. Play with the contrast, shadows, and highlights. These minor adjustments will make drastic changes in the image.


It is not easy to master any art without considerable amount of practice. Explore and refer to the works of other artists to get more perspective on your photography. Visualize different shots and settings before you choose to click. Practice your shots and get reviews from your colleagues. Uploading your images on social media will also help you rate your work and get suggestions from photographers around the world.


With these few tips and tricks, you can start your journey towards mastering the art of food photography Sydney. Remember, patience is the real key to getting the perfect shot. For more details, check out Wolczak Photography.