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Surely you already have a profile on Facebook, and you may even have a Twitter account, but you may also be those who do not want to know anything about social networks.

Whether this is your case or not, there is a social network that you cannot afford not to have. We are talking about LinkedIn and today we are going to give you 5 reasons to understand the importance of having and maintaining a profile in this network, whether you are social media supporter or not.

First of all, a fundamental question, do you know what LinkedIn is?

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world. Currently boasts more than 300 million professional profiles. At first glance, it could be said that it is the most popular site to have your CV online, but if that were our only argument we would fall short.

LinkedIn offers much more than a simple way to post profile with your CV online. It is a tool that allows you to have your own professional microsite, where you can capture the best of yourself in real time, both at the level of training and experience, and where you can be in contact with people in your environment and professional interest.

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We detail the 5 main reasons why it is worth having a LinkedIn profile:

  1. It gives you a professional image on the Internet

It is increasingly difficult to keep your image off the Internet. Google indexes practically everything that is publicly posted on the network, so having at least part of what is said about you on the Internet is under control is highly recommended.

LinkedIn offers you a personal space where you can have a serious and professional presentation of yourself. It allows anyone who searches for you on Google to find something about you that you want them to find and that you also have control over.

  1. It offers you a way to maintain a professional contact

You know an ex-partner from work, a classmate or an acquaintance who works in a company with whom it is convenient to maintain contact. Are you going to add them to Facebook? Are you going to follow them on Twitter? Maybe you do not have enough relationship or confidence to put your comments and private life at Facebook.

LinkedIn is the perfect place to have in one place all your contacts and acquaintances with whom you have a professional treatment and to be able to interact with them without invading their privacy.

  1. It helps you find a job and get opportunities

If you are looking for a job, a good LinkedIn profile can help you give a current and fresh image that maybe the traditional CV cannot give you. It is an ideal complement to the CV.

Also, remember that everybody searches the Internet, and recruiters, interviewers and bosses still more. Have an updated LinkedIn profile and make it easy for them to find and see the best of you. Since they will also look for you, is not it better that they meet what you want to teach?

In addition, with LinkedIn, through the network of contacts that you are generating, you get to have connections with other people, companies and very interesting groups, that can serve you to support you in your job search and to be up to date with the candidacies offered by companies.

If you are one of those who think that “if I already have a job, what do I want LinkedIn for?”, We advise you to have a LinkedIn profile so that other contacts can find you, and who knows? Maybe you will meet with groups, companies or new contacts that can open a new range of opportunities in your work life or improve your network of contacts in your current position.

  1. Keeps you up-to-date on the news of your sector

LinkedIn offers you a news feed and posts not only from your contacts, but also from the companies or discussion groups that interest you. Exchange information and discuss the news with your network of contacts and improve your professional reputation.

LinkedIn is an excellent source of information on the trends and news of your sector. Get the inspiration and information you need to improve and excel in your work. Keeping up to date with what is “happening” in the sector has never been easier than in the 2.0 era.

  1. It helps you enrich your knowledge and your training

LinkedIn offers an endless number of free work and training groups where you can collaborate, contribute ideas and share knowledge. Simply choose the groups in which you are interested in the topic you are trying to follow them and learn from them and interact.

Or create your own group and start the conversation topic that you would like to discuss. You will be surprised with the scope and level of interaction that you can achieve.

Among the things you can do in LinkedIn are:

  • Get in touch with new potential customers.
  • Ask for help to solve some problems of your company, using the groups.
  • Contact suppliers.
  • Generate greater confidence in your abilities.
  • Perform an analysis of the actions that the competition is putting into practice.
  • Some recommendations to have an updated LinkedIn

In general, in addition to keeping it updated at all times, there are four main recommendations so you can have a good LinkedIn profile that catches the attention of scouts, recruiters and potential customers of your company. If you do it correctly you can be seen as a leader or authority on your subject, which will greatly benefit your credibility and trustworthiness, in other words your image as a professional.

At Sydney Resumes we will help you achieve your professionals goals starting with how you introduce your competencies to companies and businesses. Contact us!