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Those who choose to have fish at home, often believe that they are easy to maintain pets and require little work. Although it is true that they require less attention than a dog or a cat, they also mean a new responsibility that must be assumed with living beings that will depend exclusively on people to survive in a habitat that is not natural.

Fish are entertaining pets, but when choosing them, some key aspects for their care must be considered. Remember that you if you are looking for a good online shop where you can buy anything you need for your aquarium from the comfort of your house, here at Guppy’s Aquarium Products you will find them.

Fish tanks

Fish tanks are usually chosen from the aspect of a crystal ball, with very few litres of capacity. It is practical and decorative, but you will have to change the water every day. In addition, as its temperature is variable, it is not the most suitable means to house the fish. In it they simply survive in the midst of quite adverse conditions. They suffer from lack of space and accuse that environment so different from their original one, in which their natural instincts are repressed. In addition, so-called tropical fish cannot be introduced into fish tanks because they need much more stable biological, chemical and temperature conditions. Therefore, it is convenient to consider the need to build a complete aquarium, in which you can comfortably observe the games, reproductive and nutritional cycles of the fish, as they would develop them in their natural life.

It is always advisable to have the guidance of aquarium specialists, to know about the types of fish suitable according to the possibilities of each home. In the case of opting for small fish tanks, we must consider some basic aspects of the care they require. You will have to dedicate a few minutes a day to perform the following procedure: remove the fish from the fish tank. If the procedure is uncomfortable because you have to hold them by hand, it is much more practical to use a special net to remove them. Then we will have to empty the old, dirty and poor water from the previous day. Clean the interior thoroughly with clean water, without ever using soaps or other chemical products. Fill the tank again with tap water, trying to put it at room temperature, because in winter it may be too cold and the fish notice the sudden change. Then add an anti-chlorine product, since the tap water is not ideal for the welfare of the fish, because it contains an excess of chlorine and heavy metals. There are very economical and simple products to use. Finally reintroduce the fish and feed them, twice a day, with 4-5 scams per fish, with their special food for cold water fish.

Those who enjoy fish as pets, may also spend several minutes a day observing these animals, and thus make a preventive examination of their health, to keep them in perfect condition. It is advisable to observe their general behaviour, such as the way they swim, eat, and interact with each other, such as examining their external appearance meticulously: fins, scales, skin colour, appearance of eyes and mouth, since many diseases of the Fish offer external signs.


It is also a stimulus to combat stress, dedicate several minutes a day to enjoy the calm and tranquillity that is obtained by staying looking vaguely at these animals. If fish repeatedly see a person by their side, they perceive it without any problem for them, they learn to recognise it, since it is they who feed them.

Finally, it would be convenient after a while, try to improve your quality of life, and plan a habitat change to a larger aquarium. Although incredibly there are many fish that adapt without excessive stress to a closed space with three litres of stagnant water, and as proof is that they do not get sick or die in years, it is not advisable to remain calm.


  • Before you get excited about colourful fish, you should consult a specialist. There are many varieties, but they are generally recommended for a more important aquarium.
  • 4 or 5 scams per fish, twice a day, is enough to feed the fish we have at home; It is a special food for cold water fish. Other important aspects must also be considered, such as proper cleaning of the tank and placing an anti-chlorine product.

Economical and resistant

The specimens that are typical of fish tank, for economic and resistant, are the known ones like comets, red fish, in ponds: kois and the shubunkin.

When to consult? Do not hesitate to consult the veterinarian or fish specialist, when you have the least suspicion that they may suffer some discomfort.

Learn well before bringing fish to the house

Having fish in the house when they were never had before as pets, is a task that requires timely information before purchasing them. Have the advice of a specialist who can guide on what are the recommended species for novices, and indicate the living conditions they should have, as well as proper nutrition and hygiene, and the requirements of each species in particular, is essential.

It is also convenient to buy fish in a specialised place. Neither should be excited about decorative tanks, which may turn out to be very attractive as an ornament, but that ultimately does not comply with the space and the characteristics of an ideal habitat for the proper development and life of the copies that are acquired. It is also not advisable to put in a small fish tank, more fish than the specialists advise, because they can die.

The majority of the fishes of fish tank that are commercialised descend in origin of river tents. Pertaining to the family of the cyprinids, they have a common scientific name that is “Carasius auratus”. They were developed mainly in China and Japan based on crosses and different mutations and very diverse animals were obtained, with varied colours, from red, white, copper, chocolate, blue, marble, black, with uniform colours or spots combining any of the previous Most species are compatible with each other and can be mixed in the same territory, although it is also true that the most spectacular and beautiful species are more expensive and delicate and not advisable for a small fish tank, but for well-mounted aquariums.

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