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We are all clear that organising a move requires time and planning. However, this is not always possible. There are moments of life in which we have to carry out an express move: a new job in another city that we have to incorporate in just a few weeks, a change of address for personal reasons … For these types of situations, it is convenient.

Here at Adelaide Furniture Removals you will find a team of experienced people who will surely take good care of your valuable belongings while carefully handling them and transporting them to your new place.

Know a series of tips.

Express moving in sight? The best practical tips

  • Organisation: the fact of having little time does not imply that you do not have to organise yourself. Unless you have to pack up and leave urgently, surely you have a few days to move to your new home. So plan a calendar to carry out the transfer without any problem.
  • Professionals: of course, having the help of a professional moving company will be very helpful. In this way you will only have to take care of keeping all things in boxes.
  • Cleaning: a move is an extraordinary time to clean. Before packing all your things get rid of everything you no longer need or no longer use.
  • Boxes: packing a whole house in boxes is not complicated. You just have to take an order. Ideally, you should go room by room, keeping things by type. For example: “living room pictures”, “bedroom clothes”, “bathroom mirrors” …
  • Registration: and finally, do not forget to make an inventory of everything you keep in each box. This way you will find it much easier to know what you are taking to your new address.

How to pack glassware in a move

When making a move, you will surely have a large number of glassware: vases, glasses, etc. Well, if you wonder how to pack glassware to prevent it from breaking during the transfer, we tell you some tips and guidelines that you should keep in mind so that the objects arrive intact.

The best tips on how to pack glassware

One of the main aspects is to have the right materials. To pack this type of objects it is important to have filling material and manila paper on hand. Bubble wrap and kraft paper can also be of great help. Of course, the boxes must be of very good quality and have the necessary measures to pack glassware.

In a move the rush is not good, and less when there are a large number of glassware to pack. And it is necessary to do it one by one. It is the only way to protect them. Therefore, on how to pack glassware, you must arm yourself with patience and pack each object individually.

Of course, it is very important that you always check “fragile” in the box so that the moving company knows that the objects inside can be easily broken and treated with greater care and delicacy.

Do not forget that the success of a move depends on 50% of the good packaging of the objects. Therefore, it is essential that you keep these tips in mind so that your glasses and glasses arrive intact to the new home.

Problems you may encounter in an international move

If you are going to make an international move, you will have many questions about what you need to carry out this moving model. Well, we make it simple for you. We have created a list of the problems you may encounter when making an international move, so that you can avoid such situations and make your move with the confidence and assurance that you are prepared for it. The list is as follows:

  • Documentation: an international move requires a series of steps, as well as consular and customs protocols, which in most cases become a bit complicated for the person who wants to move, so it is advisable to hire the services of an experienced company in the field, that meets all your needs. It is essential to make an inventory of the objects to be transferred during the move, since this information will give the company a preliminary idea to generate an initial quote for the services that need to be provided.
  • Packaging: the packaging required for products that are going to be transported in an international move, for an extended period of time or long trajectories, has to be strong enough and conditioned to the characteristics of the materials, whether fragile, delicate or heavy. Today there are companies that provide a complete moving service that includes the disassembly of furniture, packaging of objects and all subsequent processes.
  • Insurance: it is necessary to hire an insurance policy that covers the costs of all the objects to be transferred during the move. In this way, all your belongings are backed up, in case of any unexpected event.
  • Follow-up: the follow-up of removals by sea and air, are often tedious and require experience on the part of the person in charge of management. For that reason, normally, the company in charge of the move is requested to carry out the follow-up, in order to avoid future setbacks.
  • Contact or reception operations at destination: during the arrival of your international move, you may not be in the destination city or if you find yourself you do not know a suitable company to carry out the moving operations to your new address. Therefore, it is necessary for the company in charge to carry out the necessary steps to contact an experienced company in the destination city, or in the case of being a multinational company, take care of the move in said city.

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