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Eyelashes play an important role when it comes to getting a more intense and deep look. Hence, the dream of any woman is to look long lashes and volume. However, sometimes, makeup does not achieve the results you are looking for and false eyelashes are not always an option to consider.

For the consolation of all, there are more and more products on the market that allow you to pamper the health of your eyes; the serum, with really visible results, is presented as a great option to give your look a touch of brightness and light.

But today we will focus on reviewing some aspects related to wearing fake eyelashes, along with some tips and tricks. What are fake eyelashes and lash extensions like?, what are the differences between extensions and inserts, and what precautions should be taken after their application? Today we will explain the advantages of using this beauty accessory to achieve a fatal femme look.

The use of false eyelashes or extensions to increase and highlight the look is a beauty trend that in recent years has become a rage and a must for women. Before, these were only for theatrical or editorial use for fashion productions. Today, it is an indispensable beauty accessory.

Hollywood celebrities and top models incorporated it into their daily beauty routine to forget about the mascara and be impeccable, highlighting the lashes with an XXL volume. The sisters of the Kardashian-Jenner clan are some of the pioneers in using the trend of “false eyelashes”.

Kim Kardashian was, one of the pioneers in the Hollywood world to overuse her false eyelashes and highlight her look.

It is not always easy to apply makeup correctly. An error that is usually made is not to curl the lashes before applying the mask or apply the blusher in an unfortunate area. Remember to curl them.

You can achieve the look you always wanted and have peace of mind knowing you are not contributing with an industry that tests its products on animals. Vegan eyelashes such as the one provided by Tigress Beauty will become your favourite option to complement any elegant outlook you choose. Contact us today!

There are two types:

False eyelashes or eyelash extensions

The difference between the two tabs is that the inserts -which can be hair on hair or the whole strip- are put on for a specific occasion and then removed or left alone, while extensions last for three to four weeks and hair is stuck by hair.

Lash extensions are semi-permanent and can be used for an indefinite period as long as a correct diagnosis of the natural eyelashes is made so as not to weigh with the extensions.

-What do you have to take into account to apply for the first time false eyelashes or extensions of eyelashes?

As a main point, it is important to have natural eyelashes where you can adhere well the extension of hair, since these are always going to be glued on the natural eyelash.

-What are the materials used to apply them?

For the application of eyelash extensions the hair chosen by the client, the glue, a primer, the sealer, patches and a clamp to place hair by hair on the eyelash root are used. If the placement of the tab is done well, there is no risk. After the first one, it is necessary to keep them for 24 hours without wetting them.

-What kind of eyelashes do they apply? Natural hair? Artificial?

We use hair similar to that of mink, we do not use animal hair, which differs by being a hair with more body than natural or silk. After choosing the tab, choose the volume, 1D, 3D or 5D. We use synthetic eyelashes as in 95% of the centres with the material called PBT, a high-quality polymer in conjunction with natural silk.”

-What is the care that should be taken with the eyelashes?

After placement or service, it is recommended to keep them away from the water, not to rub the eyes, avoid saunas or steam baths, avoid creams, oils or make-up removers in the extensions. You only have to brush them if necessary and it is not advisable to use the mascara, and if you apply it, make it special for extensions. It is recommended to do the service for three to four weeks.

False eyelash errors

-A big mistake is to apply the eyelashes quickly after placing the glue. It is recommended to wait 30 seconds for it to become hard and sticky and for its function of adhesion to be easier. Following this step, the tabs will be firm.

-Read the lashes without trimming them. Many buy the set of inserts and make use instantly. But these must be cut so that they adapt to the eye, that the look is natural and not excessively long. If they are left as they were purchased, the effect of drooping eyes is achieved or the eyelashes look false. So that the false eyelash does not look ‘false’ it is recommended to stick it as close to the root of the natural eyelash

-Application of mascara on the false eyelashes. Although sometimes unnecessary, many people who use them choose to add colour intensity. The against applying it on the false eyelash once placed is, at the time of detachment, that the glue and the mascara can join and damage the natural lashes.

-Load them well above the natural lashes. A very common and unsightly mistake is to stick the strip of false eyelashes away from the line of the eye. It is advisable to do it as close to the natural eyelash to give a neat and clean effect.

Complete your makeup with the most suitable option available in the market. When you choose Tigress Beauty as your leading provider of vegan lashes, you can be sure you are using beautiful eyelashes that do not contain any animal-derived components