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As we have already commented in previous entries of this Blog, your website should be the centre of your strategy of presence on the Internet, whether it is a personal website or a corporate website. Your Website is, for all intents and purposes, your showcase on the internet. A showcase from which you show your personal brand or your company’s brand to everyone. For this reason, it is so important to carry out an adequate maintenance of your website.

In the same way that when you go to a store you would not like to find a dirty shop, with a broken shop window, where the lights do not work and where everything is a complete mess, you would not want a user to take the same feeling when you visit your Personal Website or your company’s website. However, we are sure that as an Internet user this same thing has happened to you on countless occasions. Surely, more than once you have entered a web page in which the contents have not been updated for years, in which some things do not work, in which clicking a link or trying to perform any operation shows an error, etc. This is due to the fact that the owners of these web pages are not responsible for performing periodic maintenance of the same.

The maintenance of a web page is an equally important part of its design or its own creation. This maintenance is what allows the Website to continue to fulfil the purpose for which it was created throughout its life cycle. You can take charge of carrying out these maintenance tasks yourself, if you have the necessary time and knowledge, or you can hire a maintenance service for your Website.

Here at Website Connection you can find a team of professionals ready to assist you and help you achieve the final result you want you need for your corporative or personal website.

Some of the tasks that are usually carried out when you hire a maintenance service for your website are the following:

  • Periodic review of the correct functioning of the website and all its functionalities: carrying out the necessary corrective actions in case a problem is detected.
  • Detection and blocking of possible security attacks: it is common to find attacks against the website in order to prevent its proper functioning, alter its content, eliminate information, steal information (e-mail addresses, personal information of users of the Website, etc.), etc.
  • Detection and elimination of bottlenecks: that cause the operation of the website to slow down as the number of visitors increases.
  • Resolution of problems due to the passage of time: such as links on the website pointing to other web pages that have already ceased to exist, integrations with third-party web applications (for example: Twitter, Facebook, etc.) that have left to work properly, etc.
  • Correction of errors and security problems: detected in the web server or in the technological platform used for the development of the website. `
  • Correction of problems that have not been detected during the development and testing phases of the website.
  • Making adjustments in the web server in order to increase the performance and speed of the web page.
  • Check the metrics of your site. A simple Google Analytics control panel can keep you updated on trends, give you a general idea of which pages are the most popular, and allow you to anticipate any future problems, such as periodic failures on your site.
  • Update the organisational changes on your site. There is nothing more shameful than having a “Get to know our team” page that is not up to date. “If you hire someone new, put a period of one week to have the page updated with the new information and photo.”

In addition to all these tasks, if you wish to contract the maintenance service of your website, you can also contract the periodic updating of its contents. This is important, because if you frequently update your Website by adding new quality content, you will achieve:

  • That the users that visit your website return periodically in search of new contents.
  • Improve the positioning of your website in Google and in the rest of internet search engines: search engines give a better positioning to web pages that are frequently updated with quality content, relegating the last positions of their results pages to those Web pages whose contents are not updated.
  • Increase the number of visits your website receives and the number of potential customers attracted by it if it is a corporate Website, as we explained in this previous post of this Blog.

At Website Connection, whenever we develop a web application or a web page, in addition to offering a one-year warranty period, we always give our customers maintenance service for 6 months. Once that period is over, our clients are free to contract the maintenance service for their web pages or their web applications if they wish. Contact us today for more information related to our deluxe range of services.

In addition, those customers who so wish may also need the service of periodic updating of the contents of its website, they will find the right option with us. In these cases, we are responsible for periodically updating the web page of these clients, incorporating quality content related to the sector within which these web pages are included.

We hope that, after all the information exposed in this blog post, you understand the enormous importance of carrying out an adequate periodic maintenance of your personal website or your corporate website. Whether you decide to hire a professional for the service of maintenance of your web page as if you have the knowledge and the necessary time and you decide to take care of yourself of said tasks, do not allow that your web page stops working correctly or that stops offering the image that you want to transmit to the world about you or about your company.