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If you have never tried (or have managed) to put on false eyelashes, you do not know what match they can get to your eyes. Take the step and follow these instructions to check it.

Maybe the false eyelashes are a world unknown to you, either because you think you do not need to wear them or because they just do not seem comfortable to put on or carry. On the one hand, although the false eyelashes are not an accessory that you are going to wear on a daily basis, they can make a difference in an important look, be it a party, a wedding (yours, for example) or an event of important night

In addition, although you consider that your lashes are pretty enough, the false eyelash always offers a professional finish of the look that can be the perfect colophon to an impeccable eye makeup.

Stop cruelty in the makeup industry by resorting to vegan eyelashes such as the one provided by Tigress Beauty. With our eyelashes you can easily emulate the look of natural eyelashes with extra volume that will help you achieve a beautiful doll-eyed look.

Therefore, why not learn at once how to place them and get a pair for special occasions? Follow these step-by-step instructions to place false eyelashes:

  1. Remove the tabs from their container by hand or with a depilatory tweezers. If, when removing them from the container, they have lost part of their curvature, round them again by pressing lightly with the fingertips. If you usually use the eyelash curler to lift them, it is time to do so, so that they fit well with the inserts that you are going to place.
  2. Measure the eyelashes: place the hairpieces on your natural eyelashes to check how they fit in size and if necessary cut them. Keep in mind that the shorter lashes are in the area of the lacrimal and that the longer ones have to coincide with the end of the eyes. Everything that goes beyond the natural line of your eyelashes, you can cut it with the scissors.
  3. Apply the glue all over the eyelash strip with an emphasis on the beginning and end of the lash so that they are well fixed on the eyelid. To do this you can hold the lashes with the tweezers or with your fingers, as it is more comfortable for you.

Let the glue settle for about 20-30 seconds to take texture. If you put the false eyelashes immediately after applying the glue, you will find that, because it is still too liquid, the strip does not become fixed and moves constantly.

  1. Put the false eyelashes: the moment of truth. Place the strip of eyelashes adjusting first by the central part and then by the ends. If it helps, you can rest the strip on the natural lashes until you arrange it.

Try to stick them as much as possible to the natural line of the eyelashes because if you leave them too high the hairpiece will become too obvious. Also, leave a few millimetres away from the tear so that the eyelash does not bother you when you open the eye. Once placed in the desired position, lift the false eyelashes with gentle movements of the fingers so that they open over the eye.

  1. Integrate the false eyelashes with your natural ones giving a few touches with a stick, the own tweezers or fingers. Then apply a little mascara on the natural ones so that they accommodate the artificial ones and you cannot distinguish which one is which. This way you will get more thickness and a more professional finish.
  2. Delineate the eyelid: to hide the strip of lashes, apply the eyeliner on the line of the eyelashes. This will also help you to conceal possible spots of glue, although you should know that black and transparent glues are commercialized to avoid this type of problems.

Other techniques

As in everything, each “master has its book” and, although this is the “standard” way to put false eyelashes, there are those who prefer to put them in other ways. Undoubtedly, one of the most peculiar you will find on the internet is that of this make-up artist who advises placing them under (yes, under!) The natural lashes:

When to apply the false eyelashes: before or after the makeup?

There is something obvious about this dilemma. If you are new with false eyelashes, put them on before putting on makeup, with a clean eye for comfort. This will allow you to correct errors with the eyeliner and ensure a good finish for your “look”.

If you do not have a lot of experience with false eyelashes and you try to put them on after you put on makeup, you may ruin your eyes “look” and eventually give up putting them on.

When you are already an expert in placing false eyelashes and do not need to make several attempts you can place them directly on the eye makeup, reviewing the line of the eyelashes with your eyeliner to obtain an “invisible” finish.

How long do they last once placed?

The false eyelashes last about 15 days and you will have to remove them every night and put them back every morning. In addition, it is difficult to guarantee that they remain well placed throughout the day. Another drawback is that you will have to make up first before placing them.

In the case of eyelash extensions, if they have been applied by professionals, they last between 4 and 8 weeks. Due to the life cycle of our own natural eyelashes and the extensions are placed on them, to be renewed naturally every 60 and 90 days is recommended to make retouching extensions between the third and fourth week after the application in order fill the empty areas. Also, with this option of eyelashes you will forget to have to make your eyes every day. The sensation just waking up will be that of being made up with an eyeliner. The dream of all women!

Stop cruelty in the makeup industry by resorting to vegan eyelashes such as the one provided by Tigress Beauty. With our eyelashes you can easily emulate the look of natural eyelashes with extra volume that will help you achieve a beautiful doll-eyed look.