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Sometimes you wait until the underwear is completely worn or with holes to change it, but, you have asked yourself how long you should continue using it. We do not want to generate your needs, but experts say that even after washing your underwear, it could contain bacteria.

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According to microbiologists that our underwear is placed on the skin near the area where there are E. coli bacteria. and washing it does not always disinfect it completely.

In this context, when should men’s underwear be renewed? According to some specialists, these garments must be changed every year. In any case, you can keep your underwear until it goes bad, if you wash it well and steadily.

How should the underwear be washed to prevent infection?

According to experts, the best way is to wash it in a cycle of hot water with bleach, which is the most effective product to kill the organisms that live in it. Another option is to use warm or icy water with a detergent that has peroxide.

Also, you should let it dry in the sun, because UV rays can help disinfect it.