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Here at Five Stars Removals as a long-standing moving company, we have experience in working as reliable furniture movers in Adelaide. Helping people with the most varied objects complete their removals in Adelaide efficiently, we have a lot of experience working as piano removalists in Adelaide so if you are looking for the most professional and responsible piano movers in Adelaide, you have found the right choice.

Pianos are very popular music instruments in homes and even some types of businesses, there is a wide variety of designs that makes them especially beautiful and a top option for decoration. Bur the truth is that not any company can offer the service of being professional piano removalists in Adelaide, here at Five Stars Removals we pride ourselves in being highly qualified piano movers in Adelaide who know how to work with pianos regardless of their dimensions and their weight. For most furniture movers in Adelaide, moving pianos is a challenge due to their fragile nature and how voluminous they are, we complete piano removals in Adelaide without any type of hassle.

Even for some pianos that are incredibly heavy, but they are formed by intricate keys, hammers and strings that are easily susceptible to damage. Therefore, moving a piano requires a lot of effort. Even if the piano has wheels, it should not move on them, as it could damage the floors and the piano itself.

To move a piano, it is necessary to hire professional furniture movers in Adelaide that are specialised piano removals. In any case, this guide will help you to know how to transport yourself in case you want to do it. Keep in mind that you should never attempt to lift a piano, as they are extremely heavy and could be damaged in the process.

Before moving the piano

Before starting with the piano packaging, check the room where it is large enough to move or rotate it. If you are going to hire professional piano removalists in Adelaide such as the ones you will find in Five Start Removals you do not have to worry about anything, but if you are hiring any other piano movers in Adelaide you should talk to the manager about removing nearby furniture or removing doors from their hinges to have more space to walk with the piano.

Also, to furniture movers in Adelaide like us always carry the equipment they need with them, but if you do not know what you need these are some of the tools you will have to take with you:

  • Measuring tape
  • Mobile platform or wooden platform with wheels
  • Anti-slip gloves
  • Blankets
  • Ropes
  • Ramp

You will need at least 4 strong people to move the piano, for that reason it is a great option to contact Five Star Removals, a team of experts in removals in Adelaide. You will have to lift and tilt the piano several times so it is better to have several hands to do it.

Moving the piano

Remove all furniture and objects in the path of the piano and close its lid. Professional furniture movers in Adelaide like us will cover the top and non-slip blankets to protect the finish of the piano, you can use any type of blanket but these are the most recommended ones. Then you should bend the edges of the blankets, tie them with the ropes so they will not slip.

The next step for piano movers in Adelaide is to place another blanket folded several times on the floor, on one end of the piano, and bring the mobile stage closer to the other end. Lift the piano from one end and put the folded blanket under its paws. Then lift the piano from the other end and slide the platform with wheels more or less to the middle of the piano. With our team of highly efficient piano movers in Adelaide completing your removals in Adelaide, there will always be someone in the middle to adjust the platform.

Slide the piano on the platform wheels and out of the room.

How to go downstairs with the piano

Change the positions of the piano removalists in Australia so that 2 or 3 of them are located on the stairs below and help to manage the platform so that it does not fall down the steps. Place a pair of ropes around the rear wheels.

Move the piano closer to the edge of the step and pull the ropes to lift the front wheels of the dolly closer to the step. Rolling the rear wheels forward carry the platform to the lower step and let the front wheels rest. Finally, with the help of the ropes, the team of top piano movers in Adelaide has to support the 2 rear wheels and repeat this operation in each step.

Putting the piano on the back of the truck

Once the inclined ramp is placed, the team of furniture movers in Adelaide must load the piano onto the truck by rolling the front wheels of the platform. Your team of top piano removalists in Adelaide will stand behind the piano and then push the platform towards the ramp.

At least two other people are needed to complete these types of removals in Adelaide, they must be up in the truck run the piano and make sure that the mobile platform stays in place.

While the piano is on the truck

For the period of time that the piano spends on the truck you have to remove the platform and the piano has to be on its legs, our team of professional piano movers in Adelaide will take care of it during the entire trip. The side of the keyboard should be covered in blankets or padding and facing the wall of the truck.

Remember that here at Five Stars Removals we will make sure your removals in Adelaide are completed properly with the help of highly qualified and experienced furniture movers in Adelaide.