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An engine diagnosis is an evaluation that is carried out to have relevant information about the life and condition of the engine running. It is recommended that the tests be performed by professional mechanics and with appropriate equipment to make the diagnosis the truest.

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Obtaining data: essential for a proper repair

The diagnosis of the engine is used to obtain data on the state of the engine so that they are used for a repair that can range from mild to very elaborate and expensive. Aspects such as spark plug status, such as combustion of the engine, measurement of cylinder compression, gaskets in good condition that are not leaking oil, among other reviews to have an accurate diagnosis of the condition of the engine must be reviewed.

People usually make a diagnosis of the engine when the car shows signs of oil level consumption or mostly when the “check engine” icon appears on the car’s display / dashboard. One way to perform the evaluation is to check the computer with a scanner (a process commonly called computer scanning), there are vehicles that provide more information than others depending on the brand, model and year of manufacture.

The first thing that one should evaluate is if the car shows signs of oil leakage, this is seen if the gaskets and / or engine are stained, oil liquid on the garage floor, be careful not to confuse that the car can leave puddles of water product of the condensation of water of the air conditioning, it is important to validate if it is water or oil what the car is dripping on the floor. Something relatively common is that the lid of the carter is not well sealed and would be a minor issue to repair. What one should do is look at the engine from below and see if the engine is like sweating and the engine structure is stained with oil, if necessary, determine whether it is the product of a small or large leak. To know the amount of oil consumption is done by checking the engine oil dipstick, seeing this we can know if the engine is losing little or a lot of oil.

What’s advisable about this procedure?

The most advisable is the measurement of the compression of each cylinder, when the vehicle presents problems of low compression or different levels between cylinders it may be that these are caused by a bad seal of the exhaust or intake valves of each cylinder or also product of the wear of rings, pistons and cylinders.

In the diagnosis of the engine, in order to ensure the highest performance of an engine, the compression measurement test mentioned in the previous paragraph must be started, the higher the compression, the better the performance and / or power results, contrary to a low compression measurement. It will be reflected in low engine performance with low power and acceleration. If the measurement is made and gives us low compression results, it is recommended to perform leak tests to identify if it is a matter of valves or rings or if it is a problem of greater complexity.

There is a big difference in costs between repairing / changing rings vs. Having to repair and change cylinders, this is why it is important to have a very good diagnosis when having low compression. We must check in detail the cylinders that have a low level, they are not always all that are low, it can be only one or a few cylinders must be repaired so that the vehicle’s performance is optimal.

In case it is determined that the leaks come from the exhaust or intake valves it will be necessary to check the calibre of the valves, in case it is in optimal conditions it will be necessary to remove the head and check the condition of the valves and seats. In the event that the problem of leaks comes from the rings or cylinders, it will be necessary to remove the pistons and make a review of the condition of the rings, cylinders and pistons before being able to determine if a change of rings is required or with a rectification is solved The problem, the latter cases are in which the cost of repairs are the highest for incurring spare parts, time and labour that we recommend is qualified if the engine is to be opened.

To have an accurate diagnosis it is recommended to do it through professional mechanics and your trust, since sometimes there are workshops that give a bad diagnosis to make a high charge for the budget of “repair” sometimes unnecessary.

What should be taken into account in the diagnosis of the steering system?

The steering system of a car is the one that allows the driver to easily control the trajectory. In technical terms, they are mechanisms that aim to give guidance to the wheels that drive the car, almost always the front ones, so that the driver can give the correct direction to the car when guiding it where he wants to drive. The steering system and its correct operation are vital for the good performance of the car.

The parts of the steering system are:

Rudder or steering wheel: located on the dashboard of the car, it is the device by which guidance is given to the wheel path

Steering bar: joins the rudder with the steering box, is a mechanical element that over time went from being a simple bar to a system of parts that collect the movement of the steering wheel in great detail.

Steering box: transmits to the wheels of the car the movements of the steering bar through gears inside. The most common are zippered although there are also re-circulating balls.

Steering terminals: ball-type joints that are responsible for transmitting movement from the steering box to the wheels that give direction to the car (usually the front ones). In addition, the terminals absorb the irregularity of the terrain through which the vehicle circulates.

This set of elements that make up the management system can present failures jointly or independently. If there is a fault in the system, all the stability of the car is compromised since it will not be able to meet its original characteristics in terms of safety, precision and smoothness when driving.

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