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When we decide to buy a car, many doubts are generated regarding the purchase process, but one of the first doubts and probably the most important one: Should I buy a new or used car?

It’s time to change the car and it’s stressful. We like new cars, but also a used car requires less investment. What to do? Here we help you make the right decision.

If you think that the answer that assures you that you should buy a new car is that you have the budget to pay the monthly payment and the insurance? you’re wrong! Nor is it interesting to look behind the rudder / steering wheel of the new 2018 model of that gleaming vehicle? Do not buy impulsively if you do not want to regret later!

There are pros and cons in both new and used cars and each one must analyse them taking into account their own financial and life needs. In other words, your daily lifestyle, your pocket and your credit score are key when deciding.

At JB Prestige automotive service you will find a team of qualified professionals for maintenance.

Advantages of buying a new car

  • You can choose one according to your likes as precisely as possible: A great advantage is that you can specify which characteristics you want to count on or at least get the dealer to offer you one with the right combination of features and the exact colour you are looking for.
  • Not used: This is a pretty obvious advantage but a new car has never been in any accident, has not been mistreated by a stranger on the road, has no bad odours and comes with a totally clean record that includes only being driven around the dealer.
  • Warranty:Like the rest, the warranty of the new car is intact. It is true that you can buy a warranty for used cars but the best guarantee you can get-without having to pay extra-will be the one that comes with a new factory car.
  • The latest technology: The newer the more modern is the technology you will find inside. The multimedia and navigation interfaces are constantly evolving and improving, so if it’s important for you to have the latest gadgets (and do not want to add them yourself after making your purchase) you will definitely need a new one.
  • Safety: As vehicle safety measures become increasingly stringent, car manufacturers are forced to change the way they are built and the systems with which they are equipped. For some time, tire pressure monitoring has been mandatory for all vehicles sold only in the United States. Other features that are not yet mandatory, such as the blind spot monitoring system, side airbags, adaptive crossover control and braking assistance, are becoming more frequent in less expensive vehicles.
  • Greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions: Today, cars are built with greater efficiency in fuel consumption while acquiring greater power. The options in the hybrid segment are growing.
  • Financing: Banks offer lower financing rates on new vehicles because they are worth more and have not been affected by depreciation. If you plan to finance your purchase, check the offers. The cheapest car does not always turn out to be the best deal in the long term.
  • Maintenance: Some new cars, mainly luxury brands, include free scheduled maintenance for a certain amount of time or mileage. This cost savings should be considered in the last price analysis if applicable.
  • A new vehicle is more expensive than a used one, but if you have enough money for the deposit (down payment) or a used vehicle that you can sell to the dealer or to an individual, good credit and the budget to pay the insurance, you can start Visit the dealers calmly in search of good offers and incentives.
  • Some new cars include free maintenance for a certain amount of time or mileage. They are usually repaired fairly quickly and the dealer lends you a car or lets you rent one, usually free of costs.
  • When you buy a used car you are assuming the problems of the previous owner. Ask yourself if you have the budget to pay for the repairs of the used car and if you can afford not to have a car while it is being repaired in the mechanics shop.


Advantages of purchasing a used car

  • Price: A used car will always be less expensive. The relative advantage of the price of a used car can also allow a buyer to acquire a much more attractive model. A used vehicle is cheaper than a new one and for this reason you can even buy a nicer model. In addition, the insurance will cost much less.
  • Depreciation: Cars lose value with each month and mile that passes, but the largest fall occurs immediately; Some models may lose 40 percent or more of their value in the first year.
  • Choice: Although obviously you cannot build a used car as you wish, you may want a model, a package of options or even a wheel design that is no longer manufactured. These broader characteristics may increase the search but perfection and satisfaction are rarely easily achieved.
  • Will you be able to resist the depreciation of a new car? Vehicles lose value over time and mileage. But new models depreciate more quickly. Some models can lose up to 40% of their value in the first year. So, investigate.
  • With a new car you will live with the worry of being hit or spoiling the paint in a parking lot.

Regardless of your decision, you need to keep your car in perfect conditions after you buy it. Here at JB Prestige Euro Automotive Service we take pride in providing the best services for European cars in our area. If you think your brakes are not working well or you need assistance with any other kind of vehicle repair, do not hesitate to visit us.