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We all love being tanned, sporting a nice copper color on our skin, or perhaps a slightly more Caribbean appearance as summer approaches. The problem is how? Sunbeds are dangerous, artificial tanning with sugarcane extract spray does not promise us the tan color we are looking for, and self-tanners are often a total failure. 

The human body generates collagen but, over time, it can be lost, causing effects such as the appearance of sagging skin and loss of smoothness. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out certain practices that help the body produce the collagen it needs. 

The short-term results of the treatment in Collagen Duo Cabins are smoother and more flexible skin, increases hydration, refines pores and improves texture, increases resistance, relaxes and provides a feeling of well-being. 

It also reduces small wrinkles, decreases age spots, reduces puffiness around the eyes, replenishes collagen and elastin in the connective tissue, achieving smooth skin throughout the body, increases the growth of hair, nails, bones and tendons . It improves the capacity of muscular regeneration, the treatment is totally innocuous. 

Today in Angelique Day Spa, we will tell you some of the myths about the three different types of most popular artificial tan, although we will also mention some of the risks that these can cause if they are performed in excess. Pay a lot of attention! And decide which of them you prefer to use. 

At Angelique Thai Massage & Beauty Spa we understand the importance of having some relaxing time to get rid of all that pressure accumulated in our bodies, for that reason we cater our services according to our clients’ needs. 

Sun beds 

The solar bed is one of the most used options, but also one of the most criticized. It is true that very long exposure to solariums can be contradictory for our health, but the same happens with the sun we take on the beach. 

The UVA rays that are emitted in the sunbeds are documented, that is, they do not radiate in the same way, nor with the same intensity as the rays with which the sun attacks us. It has also been shown that short exposures to UV rays can prevent certain diseases such as Osteoporosis, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, diabetes, and in many cases, also depression. 

The reason? The benefits of vitamin D in the body. This is responsible for treating the conditions mentioned above, and benefit the body in patients suffering from any of these diseases.  

On the other hand, the risks are present anyway. Excessive sunbathing can be very counterproductive to the skin, causing the most common skin cancer of all; melanoma. The UVA rays emitted by the sunbeds can also be harmful, and it is necessary that all the solariums that use this artificial tanning method specify these warnings in detail, just as lung cancer is specified in a cigarette box. 

Spray Tan (DHA) 

Spray tanning is also known as DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), a component derived from sugar cane. It is a much healthier option than sun beds for the simple fact of being a natural proposal, and a basically harmless treatment for the skin. 

The tan that can be acquired with this procedure can vary between 5 to 10 days, depending on the absorption capacity of the person. While the solution does not have any type of odor or unpleasant appearance like some self-tanners that can be purchased on the market. 

On the other hand, the problem with DHA is that on many occasions it does not provide a natural tan color like that of sun beds. Many white leathers can look “orange”, while others can look truly fantastic. The good thing, in case the tan has not gone as expected, is that it only lasts a few days, and there are several methods to overshadow it in case you want to speed up the process. 

It should be noted, however, that sugar cane is a natural product, and does not generate any risk or side effect on our health. 

Self-tanners in creams and oils 

My last choice is self-tanners, and they’ve held this position for the simple fact that I consider them one of the least effective methods of finding a good look. There are many self-tanners of excellent brands on the market, but the problem with these products is their use. Without a correct way of use, the product can leave stained skin, areas of the skin more tanned than others, not to mention that many creams can give the “orange” color that we are trying to avoid. 

Artificial tanning, myths and truths 

Anyway, if it is necessary to opt for one in particular, the firm Loreal is the one that has proposed the best line of facial and body self-tanners. It is not only a tan activator that does not generate spots, since it is progressive, but it also perfectly hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. The color can be noticed about 7 days after the product is used, not before, since its effects are very slight. 

You already have all the options on the table to be tanned all year round. You just have to make the right decision, and choose the method that has convinced you the most, always taking into account the risks that this clearly entails.  

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