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When there is talk about maintenance, it is often all about the vehicle pulling the trailers. While that is important in itself, what is more important are periodical checks of your trailers. While there are many trailer builders Melbourne available, trailer maintenance is also an essential but often overlooked aspect of owning a truck, RV or Boat.  However, the beauty of trailers nowadays is that they are built to last long. But, you really shouldn’t wait till some malfunction happens to do some repairs. Prevention is better than cure here too. With so many trailer hire Melbourne options, if you are a trailer owner, these tips are for you!

Buying a trailer or opting for a trailer hire Melbourne service is a big investment in itself. The best way to protect this investment of yours is through routine repairs and maintenance on your trailer.  Like any other equipment, a well-maintained trailer will give you the best returns. It will perform well and last longer than you expect. Regular small maintenance also makes sure that you don’t have to do any expensive repairs later on in life.

Since smaller maintenance tasks are something you can do easily by yourself, we have combined a list of tasks that you must do in order to maintain your trailer after you have already taken a service from trailer builders Melbourne. You must also remember that if the trailer is large, it will require more maintenance and a better understanding of mechanics. This is where you have to decide whether you need to bring in a professional like a trailer builder Melbourne to help out. These tips cater to smaller and medium-sized trailers. However, some tips can be universally applied to all types of trailers too.

#1 Washing and cleaning

The first maintenance task is the simplest one. A very common idea is washing and cleaning your trailer. What many drivers do is that they often only clean the outside and forget to peek inside. This is the single maintenance task that will pay off in the future. Water is all that is needed for this task. As long as you are regular with your cleaning, you have done fifty percent of the work then and there!

Whether your trailer has just spent hours on the highway or has been through muddy or dusty terrain, a simple wash can be enough for your trailer. You can use a simple mixture of home detergent powder and water for the best results. Make sure that you have all the supplies with you. You will essentially need a bucket, a hose, and decent cleaning sponges or brush. Also, make sure that your water pressure is set to normal. A high-pressure spray could damage your trailer too.

#2 Checking the tires

The second thing that you would do is check your tires and check your air after you have taken a service from trailer hire Melbourne service. This is a crucial maintenance task that you cannot skip out on. Tires are an expensive ordeal so to avoid that keep a regular check on them. The serviceability of tires depends on the pressure in the tire. This pressure is dependant on the manufacturer’s specifications. The recommended pressure is often printed on the tire wall, or it will be in the owner manual or the manufacturers’ websites.

To check the pressure of the tires, all you have to do is get a gauge from the market. The three common tire gauges are the stick, dial, and digital. They are inexpensive and easily available at an auto parts store. Before checking, make sure you have left a window of three hours. If you’ve used the trailer recently, then the tires will be very hot. Because of this, the tires might expand and give out the wrong readings. The three key things to check would be the systems pressure, auxiliary battery switch, shut off valve position.

Keep an eye out for your tires in general and know when their life expectancy is over. Worn tires can blowout disastrously on highways. The wear signs you can look out for are the centre wear and swapping or rotating tires.

#3 Lubrication of the parts

A simple but essential trailer maintenance tip is getting the lubrication right. It’s a chore identifying the moving parts which create fiction and getting lubricated, but they are super important for the long run. The two steps to lubricating properly is making sure that the lubricant is properly applied. The type of lube you use is essential too.

There are lubes specifically made for wheel bearings. The hinges on the doors and grates might require a lighter oil-based formula. You should also crawl under the trailer to inspect the undercarriage. A hot tip would be to make sure you put enough grease. The new grease should be enough to remove the old grease as well as all the debris stuck in it, which can affect the performance of the trailer.

#4 Keeping it lit

Unless you have opted for trailer hire Melbourne, you will want to make sure that the trailer is well lit. Replacing and maintaining the lights is another obvious but overlooked aspect when it comes to trailers. You must make sure that your taillights, headlights, brake lights, and signals are in working condition.

#5 Bearings and trailer wirings

The risk of costly repairs can be easily avoided if you regularly keep the bearings and wirings of the trailer in check. The bearing buddies are what keeps your axles working. This means they are invaluable when it comes to water conditions on boat trailers and are easy to maintain even in saltwater. The bearing buddies send in a constant stream of oil for lubrication to the axles. Often when your lights don’t work, it could be a wiring issue. This can be fixed with simple cleaning and could be caused by a dirty connection.

#6 Checking the suspensions

When it comes to checking suspensions, there’s not much you can do other than visually inspecting them for the regular marks of wear and tear. This can be caused by heat or cracks on the air springs. Nothing should be touching the suspension or interfering with its movement. The air spring should have sufficient pressure too.

#7 Frame and body

The easiest check that you can do is to the frame and body of the trailers. They will mostly include straightforward repairs like tightening bolts or fastening the springs. If you have heard squeaking or rattling sounds, then this is an important check for you to make regularly.

#8 Security of the trailer

The last but one of the essential things that your trailer maintenance should include is a security check of the trailer. After you have chosen the right trailer hire Melbourne service, you need to look into this too. Your cargo is, after all, an important part too. You must look for things that could be potentially harmful to the cargo during transport. Holes, wear and tear, cuts or loose attachments could lead to heavy losses.

Small maintenance repairs are easy and important for your trailer. You don’t need expensive tools. If you are looking to invest in a new trailer, we suggest you pick Trailer Supplies as they are certainly one of the best trailer builders Melbourne. You can opt for trailer hire Melbourne to fit your needs.