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Ready to sweeten the happiest day of your life?

Planning a wedding requires thousands of preparations and details for which you must watch. The place of the wedding, the party, the dress, the food, the guests, the music, the drinks. Everything is extremely important! But at the top of the most relevant issues, you will also find the most delicious and expected by many: the cake.

Choose your wedding cake is almost as marathon and decisive as choosing your own wedding dress, and if you want to dazzle your guests with its design and taste, you must pay close attention. Splendid Servings is a business dedicated to superior cake design, contact us today to start working on your wedding cake.

Do you know what steps you should follow to choose the perfect cake? Find out below:

  1. Start early: the venue of your wedding is a critical issue when choosing a cake, since based on the aesthetics and the conditions of the place you can determine details such as your design or the materials to be used for its preparation. For example, if your wedding is outdoors and in the middle of summer, you do not want the coverage of your cake to melt in front of everyone.
  2. Find your pastry chef: to find the person responsible for creating your cake, it is best to take recommendations from people or reliable media who have had a good experience. Attending wedding fairs is also a good option.
  3. Online Research: we are in the era of social networks, so the cake of your dreams could be a click away. Follow the accounts of bakeries or confectioners of renown that show their masterpieces in their profiles. This is a good way to expand your pastry horizons, inspire you and get to know the critics of the experts.
  4. Choose your style: the pastry you choose has the hard work of recreating a cake that follows your wishes and your vision, always taking care that its taste and design are impeccable. To be happy with the final result you must decide on a style that fills you up. It does not matter if yours are geometric, romantic, rustic, glamorous, or full of patterns. Find your favourite and see the professional that best knows how to represent.
  5. Let’s talk about money: first things first, to choose your cake you must also take into account aspects such as your budget and the number of guests that will attend your party. The price of the cake depends on its size, and this in turn of the portions you plan to serve. After establishing this starting point, the designer of your cake will know how and with how much to work to please you.
  6. Venture with the flavours: although the look of your cake is paramount, you should not leave aside the theme of its flavour, since after all, the vast majority will want to give you a taste. Make appointments with your pastry chef and try their best creations, do not miss any of them, and after examining each one with your palate and in the company of someone special, decide: Do you want vanilla? Or are you an inveterate chocolate lover? How about a velvet net? Here everything is worth!
  7. Do not make these mistakes: again, do not waste your time! The cake is one of the first things you should define within your wedding calendar, because if you want a reliable pastry, it is most likely that it has a tight schedule. Also, if your cake will have a daring design or special ingredients, you’d better use the time in your favour so everything is perfect.

On the other hand, remember: your wedding, your cake. Many will want to help you in the process of choosing many things, and although some extra help is always appreciated, do not let many ideas end up ruining your vision of a perfect wedding. Keep your marriage squad to the minimum, with two or three people of extreme confidence that lighten your work and do not fear a good cake test.

How to calculate the size of the cake?

The wedding cake is a tradition that cannot be missed at your party. You should choose a fair design so that it does not overpower, but that it reaches for everyone to eat an exquisite potion. Today we give you some tips to estimate the ideal size.

Making calculations for each marriage provider is one of the most difficult tasks; We have to think from the wedding invitations to the menu and the original souvenirs. And everything will depend on what kind of party you want and with what budget you count. Today we help you calculate what size the wedding cake should have so that it reaches but not over. Take note of these tips.

Measure portions

There are thousands of options when choosing an original wedding cake, just enter to see images of wedding cakes on the Internet to access new ideas. What may not be so clear to you the first is the relative size. One of the easiest tricks to calculate it is to count the portions taking into account its thickness. Approximately, a portion of cake measures between 10 cm high and 5 cm wide. Although it is important to know that according to the ingredients the portion can be smaller or larger, since a simple wedding cake of pure chocolate is not the same as one with cream and a lot of sponge cake.

Choose the shape

Round wedding cakes are usually based on molds, so pastry chefs are guided by standardized sizes. Usually they come in 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 55 cm. diameter. Depending on the chosen size, the cake will perform for a certain number of people. For example, a mold of 15 cm. provides about 12 portions of cake and one of 50 cm. It reaches for 120 servings. Square-shaped cakes yield more than round cakes.

How many floors?

Determine how many floors you want the cake. It is not the same one large cake of a single floor, that two twin cakes, or that a tower with floors of different sizes. If you like the idea of a cake with many floors, you have to determine if it will be with intermediate supports, if all the floors will go together, or in a presentation structure. This will influence the quantity and turn on the possible options.

Do not forget

It is important to estimate more portions than the number of guests you have; it can always happen that someone wants to repeat or that last-minute guests join. The idea is that it reaches, that it is not wasted, nor lacking.

You will find the style of cake that best matches the decoration of your party, the souvenirs of your wedding and even your wedding dress. We hope we have helped you to think about your ideal size!

Splendid Servings is second to none in terms of quality, offering the most beautiful cake designs you’ll find in Australia. Contact us today!