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In 2016, 7.1 million cars were sold only in the United States. In 2017, they sold even more, as the economy is showing strong signs of recovery from the recession of 2008. If you are looking to buy your first car

If you are looking to buy your first car, our sincere congratulations. Owning a vehicle will make you feel that you have achieved an objective in your life, we could call it an achievement, and it will allow you to execute your errands on your own terms. No more standing on the avenue stretching your arm to stop a taxi and take you to your destination or have to endure the taxi drivers of application with their inflated prices.

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  1. Start by learning more about cars

To decide which car to buy, first you have to know more about them, you must be a person prepared when you go to the market in search of yours. This will significantly reduce the chances of being scammed, in case you do business with an unscrupulous one. He or she will get there quickly if you know little, much or nothing about vehicles and will take advantage of that.

Do everything in your power to know more about cars. Read magazines, watch programs that talk about vehicles and talk with friends who already have one so they can advise you in an appropriate way how to recognise a scammer and a serious person who wants to sell you a good car. When you are already buying or looking for your car, you should already know about engines, performance, horsepower and more.

  1. Go with an idea of what you want to acquire

Soon you will realise that there are a lot of car models that can meet your needs and that suit your preferences. However, do not make the mistake of going to a seller and let him offer you an infinity of brands and models as options. The only thing you will get from that is to be more undecided than you already were and it may take you longer than necessary to close the deal.

  1. Go with an idea of what you want to acquire

It is advisable to reduce your options to only three models, identify the strengths and weaknesses of each car. Remember, your first car should not be on your list of priorities just because you admire its beauty, but because it is functional. If you have a large family, consider the size; If you love adventures in the mountains, you need one with a powerful engine. Also, research online and find out the price of the cars that interest you so that you will not be surprised at the establishment with inflated prices. Remember that the prices vary depending on the distributor, but it is not much.

  1. New or used?

This is one of the main challenges you will face when buying your first vehicle. On the one hand, there are new cars that do not have a history of mechanical failures that you have to worry about. In addition to providing that feeling of satisfaction that makes you feel important and fulfilled. On the other hand, there are used cars. You can expect many things, something important is to consult what were their mechanical problems (and we say “they were” because if they are for sale that means that at that moment it was repaired). In addition to knowing the mileage and the treatment given by the previous owner. In fact, the advantages of buying a new or used car vary quite according to the person who acquires it.

Sometimes money influences a lot, because the used one will cost you much less than the new one, but the new one makes you feel better when buying it and frees you from worries regarding mechanical problems.

  1. Decide how you will pay

Just like when you buy a house or apartment, you can choose how to make the purchase, either in cash or financed by a bank. If you are going to buy cash, make sure you have at least the total amount of the most expensive car on your list.

If you are going to buy the car on credit, find potential lenders and close an agreement before going to the dealerships. As long as you do not have debts with other banks or institutions, the bank will cooperate and lend you the money.

  1. Start the purchase at the dealership

Here comes the most exciting part: visit the dealership. Before making a visit, do a simple online search to identify the different dealerships near you. Write them down and look for positive or negative comments online. Are there some with a lot of negative comments? Stay away from them.

  1. Improve your negotiation skills

Negotiation is a fundamental skill, especially when it comes to buying your first car. The prices of the vehicles in a dealership are not fixed, although the one who sells it makes you see it that way. With the right words and convincing power, you will save some money. However, to achieve this it is important to know how to negotiate. Maybe the thrill of owning your first car could cause you to lose control, so try to calm down. The concessionaires usually detect when a person is excited or not and use it in their favour.

Some people will tell you that you should try the car before negotiating the price, but that strategy has its disadvantages. If you try many and none spark you interest, the dealership will think that you have only come to take walks, and they will restrict access so you do not waste your time again.

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