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Let’s see … let’s be clear, since we invest in advertising, the ideal would be for it to work and provide us with benefits or as it is called in the business world, to provide ROI (Return on investment)

In the case of online advertising there are many ways to measure the ROI to find out if the investment made has been profitable or not:

  • Sales increase, this is the main
  • Greater number of subscriptions, newsletter, news …
  • Increase in visits to the web or blog
  • A longer average time of the visit
  • More “likes”, shared, followers, etc.

On the other hand, in traditional advertising, it is not so clear and we cannot measure the effects of the advertising campaign in detail, it is difficult to know how many times the advertisement has been seen on television, how many people have read or seen the advertisement in press, listened to the radio or shared the catalogue:

It cannot be measured, nor do we think it can ever be measured, the only thing we can do to make our off-line advertising work is to take care of all the details and not leave anything to chance.

In this article we are going to focus on the advertising brochures, sure all the advice or most serve for the rest of advertising media. If you want a leading provider of printing services helping you establish your brand, here at Morning Star Press you will find more than 50 years of combine experiences ensuring you have the best and most solid image in your area of business. Get colourful solutions at the most competitive prices.

5 tips to make your advertising brochures work

Knowing how to design an advertising brochure that works is not an easy task, nor is it complicated, you just have to be attentive to the details and take into account your product and the type of client you are targeting.

  1. Let your ego aside:

This is the best advice that we can give you and the one that will cost you the most to follow, when you decide the design of your advertising brochures you must leave aside your ego, you must listen to your team and above all those who have direct contact with the customers and listen to their needs and requests every day

  1. Think about your client:

When it comes to deciding the design and especially fonts, sizes, colours and backgrounds, think about who your advertising is aimed at, if you are an optician, small letters with little contrast with the background, they will alienate your future clients. Facilitate your client to find you, design thinking about your tastes and needs.

  1. The advertising brochure is the cover letter of your business:

Keep in mind that a high percentage of people who will get your advertising, never before has known your business, the first impression is very important. If you are a design studio and your advertising brochures do not have a worked design, it will give the impression that your designs “stink” and they will not want to hire you. Take care of the quality and design

  1. Clear texts and thick chocolate:

Do not go around, talk to your future client, clearly show what you offer him that he should not refuse. Do not include “small print” and always show the price, do not expect it to go to your business, if your product or service has variable prices, insert a “From … to …” or similar.

  1. Make your advertising brochure “worth something”:

To be able to measure part of the impact and obtain an approximate ROI of your investment, insert in the design of the advertising brochure a code, voucher or similar that is exchangeable in your business for the offer when delivering the brochure. In this way you will be able to know how many sales it has generated and you will be able to calculate your approximate ROI.

If you are thinking of printing advertising brochures, before closing the press, contact us, it indicates that you have read this post and ask for your discount, if the price does not convince you, you are not obliged to contract us.

Types of advertising and business brochures

The brochures are letters of presentation of a company or event to clients, suppliers, institutions and the public in general. In addition to communicating some specific information they serve to transmit, reinforce and guarantee a company image or quality brand. The brochures with good graphic design and professional finish communicate more and better because they invite you to read them, they differ from the competition and they fulfil the commercial and informative objectives of the company that edits them. The brochure serves to offer important information about the company, show its facilities, products, services, commercial offers or information of events organised by the entity such as conferences, conferences and talks.

A brochure is a graphic work different from a book, magazine, catalogue or company bulletin in terms of format and also in terms of the type of information that it usually gives and the communication objective it pursues. The brochures are smaller than a book, catalog or poster and do not have the periodicity of a magazine or corporate newsletter. These specific characteristics of the brochures, halfway between the poster and the catalog, allow a graphic design different from that of other graphic works. The brochures, in addition, are less limited than books, magazines or posters in terms of pre-established design standards and formats. In this post we talk about the types of advertising brochures and company that exist according to the size, type of folding and final presentation they present.

The choice of the size and type of folding of the brochure will condition the organization of the information and the other graphic elements that make up the brochure, influencing its final appearance. Depending on the amount of content (texts, photos and graphics) of the brochure, the type of audience to which it is directed and the final budget that is available for its realisation, it will proceed to choose an appropriate size, a type of folding or another and a final finish according to your likes.

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