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1. Brassieres prevent breasts sagging. This is true but it does not mean that over time your breasts are not going to fall, this is a natural consequence that cannot be avoided

2. You need to wear sports bra while doing exercise. This is very important because when you exercise you jump, run and make sudden movements that may hurt your breasts if they do not have proper support.

3. I can make my breasts look bigger or smaller depending on the bra I wear. Although this is correct, it is important to make sure the size is right and it does not squeeze our breasts. Push-up bras are the best option to make breasts look bigger.

4. Underwear stylises my figure. If you wear the correct size and design underwear can make your figure look good and mould it a bit.

5. Panties should be the right size in order to avoid infections. Your intimate area needs to be able to breathe if you want to avoid the accumulation of bacteria.

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