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One of the most important garments of our wardrobe is the underwear, however, it is in most cases the part of it we invest less in probably because it cannot be seen in most cases.

With this guide you will be updated on the type of panties that your wardrobe cannot miss. For a varied catalogue of top designer brands, you can take a look at our website and you will find top quality garments.


G-String panties

G-String is not the same as a thong. This is the tiniest undergarment of all. Basically, it’s a small triangle with a little more fabric on the front, with elastic strips on the rest. The G-String is used for dresses and skirts very tight to the body, and that practically demand to go with nothing underneath.


Similar to the G-strings, they are considered as a much more comfortable version of these. And they are the ideal undergarment to avoid marks on your pants. Thongs were made to remain perfectly hidden under the clothes.


This term nowadays is vague and can cover many things, but if you still do not define it, it is a style between thongs and underpants. It is usually thin at the sides, and with enough cloth to cover all your butt. A bikini is not only considered sexy, but functional.