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Stress is part of our daily life meditation exercises and relaxation is essential today more than ever. However, with the rush, responsibilities, work … it is difficult to find a moment just for ourselves, to be able to dedicate time, take care of ourselves and finally, relax.

Meditation and yoga have become essential tools to combat disorders that are very present today, such as depression or anxiety. And it is that, not in vain, stress is considered the disease of the 21st century.

The hardest thing is finding that moment to dedicate to yourself. Among all the haste, we do not find a gap that can relieve us. Well, today we are going to give you some tricks so that you can meditate at the office. The ultimate tactic to get you to relax.

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Exercises you can do at the office

We know that you cannot sit in the lotus position and meditate in the middle of your office. We also do not ask you to dedicate 1 hour to this practice in the middle of your workday, but there are some things you can do to relax at work, to stay in the present and notice how the stress goes a little more from you. .

  1. Focus on your breath

Breathing is one of the most important tools in meditation. Focusing on how we breathe can be very engaging and a very effective method to bring ourselves back to the present moment, to become aware of ourselves.

When you are working, we recommend that you take a couple of minutes every two hours or so to see how your breathing is working. You will not need to modify it, just think about how your abdomen inflates when you inhale and how the air leaves your nose when you exhale.

  1. Be mindful when drinking water

For this exercise you will only need 3 minutes to drink water and stop in the process. We recommend that you take this break every hour, so that you have 3 minutes dedicated to yourself, to regain strength and to focus on what you are doing.

It will not take more time than it normally takes, you just have to be aware, the moment you decide to drink. To start, you just have to pour yourself the water, noticing how it falls into the glass, how it fills up. Watch the whole process of how the water enters the glass.

Then drink water. Hold it in your mouth, notice its flavor, how cold it is, leave it for a few seconds and swallow. Now think about how it goes down your throat and into your stomach. It is about doing an exercise being aware.

It is an easy meditation exercise to do, which brings you back to the present and connects you with yourself. In addition, it reminds you of the need to hydrate, something that works very well in every way.

  1. Relaxing viewing

The office gives us moments of great stress, and when it overwhelms us, it would be better to stop for a moment, become aware and relax. In this way, we will not only manage to feel better, but we will also be able to be more decisive in our work.

One of the ways to do this is the relaxing visualization technique. To do this, you must close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. Then let your breath go by itself, don’t control it.

Next, think of a landscape that is relaxing for you. It can be a stream, a mountain, or some place that means something beautiful to you. We recommend that you enjoy this landscape for a few minutes, forgetting everything around you to fully enter your visualization.

Through these meditation techniques you will face your work in a new way, with renewed energy and with more motivation and confidence in yourself.

The benefits of meditating at work, a growing trend

Meditation is revolutionising the world. More and more companies include meditation practices among their employees. And there are already scientific studies comparing which will be better to keep the people of the company happy, healthy and creative: a mini nap or a mini meditation?

Neuro-leadership expert Steven Poelmans works with different initiatives to reduce stress at work: “Under stress, we stop thinking. The brain needs serenity to function. The best way to manage talent is to manage stress, which is essential in the job”.

Enthusiastic about the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtraining talent, large companies around the world are using the benefits of meditation at work. Certain of the improvements in the health status of the meditators, some renowned health systems in our country have already begun to promote their practice with direct discounts in the establishments where different meditation techniques are taught.

People who occupy the different positions find an improvement tool that improves the general attitude for decision-making with innovation and increased creativity.

It also promotes improvements for those in managerial positions, who naturally have a greater burden of responsibility and stress due to the different pressures. People who occupy the different positions find a tool for improvement that improves the general attitude for decision-making with innovation and increased creativity.


For all this, meditation moves away from monastic practices and enters fully into different areas of daily life. Today we see how it especially becomes fashionable in companies and makes the human resources sector take it seriously and begin to study how to implement it as a daily practice in the labor sectors. In reality, it takes very few minutes of practice to make a difference. The important thing is to teach the technique and aim for its practice to be sustained.

Today there are companies specialised in teaching corporate yoga such as Absolutely Corporate where we create tailored programs, according to the objectives and needs of each corporation. Contact us now for information about our services.