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If you are about to sell your house, it is important that you prepare it to captivate potential buyers. According to specialists, small improvements can increase their price up to 5%, in addition to achieving a sale in less time.

The areas in which you must be more careful are the kitchen and the bathroom. And it is to be supposed, because the finishes in these areas of the house, as well as the furniture, integral kitchen and tiles, represent the most expensive concepts when remodelling, for that reason the buyers look for that they are in perfect state.

In the real estate industry, it is usually considered that the remodelling of the bathrooms adds value and almost always recovers – between 95 and 100% – in the sale price, followed by the improvements that are made in the kitchen. Having a well-kept garden with the right plants could increase the value of the home between 5 and 11 percent.

Remember that automating the entrance of your house will consistently increase its value in the market. If you are looking for new automatic gates such as automatic sliding gates or automatic swing gates, here at MDI you will find them. We also offer sliding gate servicing so you can make sure your equipment keeps working at full potential.

These are some of the aspects customers consider when looking for a new house: ]

  • The lighting. Lighting and above all natural light are some of the factors that most favour a home. The large windows are fashionable and are a success today. If you have them in your house they will certainly increase their value.
  • The distribution. For tastes colours but in most cases a comfortable and clear distribution is preferable. Avoid walls and furniture that do not provide and give your home more breadth.
  • The kitchen and the bathroom. The kitchen and the bathroom are the most significant elements of a home. It is in what future buyers will be fixed and therefore they must be in perfect condition. If it is necessary to make a reform, this will increase the value of your home and eventually it will be profitable.
  • Solar panels. The solar panels and in general any element that allows to save is a plus in a house. We are increasingly aware of the environment and if we can also save on the energy bill more than better!
  • Heating and air conditioning. If your home is already equipped with heating and air conditioning systems, its value will be higher. The quality of the equipment will also affect its value. Modern systems such as underfloor heating can be very favourable.
  • State of the building A facade in good condition is essential. It’s the first thing you see and you know, if it does not get through your eyes … bad we’re going! Check if you need a coat of paint or an arrangement, you will appreciate it in the future.

Improvements you can do with low budget

It is not necessary that you allocate a large amount of money to make improvements in your home, here are some low-cost suggestions that help improve the image of each space.

Change accessories such as keys and electrical switches throughout the house.

  • Paint the house (interior and exterior). It is advisable to use soft colours in the interior and on the facade it uses a warm range.
  • Other details that can help you is to homologate all the locks on the doors, clean the windows and repair those small cracks left by the nails for pictures or other decorative objects.

What aspects you should remodel

Making inexpensive modifications will make the house much more attractive to potential buyers. It will be avoided that they reduce it by approximately 5% when closing the operation.

In the kitchen

  1. Check that the cover is in perfect condition, depending on the material it is made of, if it is formic and is broken or heavily used, it is recommended to change it and use neutral colors, if it is covered with a stone, polish or polish it, Stainless steel should look flawless.
  2. The faucets should work perfectly, the strainers clean and working, do not forget to clean and perfectly accommodate the cupboards and all the utensils that are used daily in the kitchen.
  3. Appliances such as microwave oven, blender and refrigerator should look like freshly purchased.
  4. Avoid traces of smoke or grease in walls and ceilings, if necessary put new floor, there are at affordable prices.

Check list in the bathroom

  1. Check that the faucet and shower do not drip, as it looks bad.
  2. The toilet and sinks should be clean and without scale.
  3. The shower division should look impeccable.
  4. It is worth painting the bathroom.
  5. Verify that the light works perfectly and that the switches are not broken or dirty.

How to present your house

  1. Paint it
  2. Waterproof roof (is an essential requirement for institutions such as Infonavit).
  3. Fix the areas with humidity.
  4. Clean carpets and floors (although its impact is minimal in value, can give a better impression).
  5. Fix the garden, especially if it is on the main facade, gives a better aspect of the house. A few plants in the right places, starting with the entrance to the house, can make a difference, since the potential buyer gets a better impression.
  6. Repairs electrical and hydraulic installations.
  7. Change broken glass and clean existing ones.
  8. Repair cracks in walls and slabs.
  9. Repair or install expired soffits (exposed slabs).
  10. The access doors of the street and the main entrance must be in good condition, freshly painted, the access plate must work perfectly, in the exterior lights it is recommended that they have a lamp of simple design that harmonizes with the house.
  11. The garage access engine should work like new.
  12. Inside the house remove all excess decorative and personal objects, such as photographs, empty vases, ashtrays, almanacs, magnets, toys, exercise equipment and furniture in general that are not used on a daily basis.
  13. The closets should look perfectly ordered and without odours, that the doors run freely.
  14. The bedrooms should be lit and ventilated, the beds arranged, the floors clean, curtains and blinds freshly washed and functioning, rugs washed, the frames of their paintings clean and in good condition.

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