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Light is a very important element in both interior and exterior decoration. Both the presence of natural light and artificial lighting will play for or against the decoration as it is used. A well-lit home will be one that respects the entry of natural light by generously illuminating when it is missing but also respecting the intimate and dim lighting for the environments that require it.

In today’s book of ideas, we will focus on the exterior lighting of our house. Garden, facade, terrace or balcony, any outdoor area can be improved with adequate lighting. Wall lights, spotlights and various light fixtures are some of the options we can use to maintain exterior lighting with style and good taste.

LED technology has revolutionised both indoor and outdoor lighting. LED lighting at home (for gardens, patios, terraces, etc.) as well as industrial and public spaces (squares, parks, streets, etc.). It is true that this type of outdoor lighting has many advantages such as, the lifespan that exceeds conventional lighting (fluorescent tubes, incandescent lamps, and halogens), electrical consumption is much lower, since LED lighting reduces up to 80% consumption, maintenance costs are also reduced. And not least this type of lighting is friendly with the environment. In the outside areas normally the lighting stays on all night, which is why it is so important to choose the type of light you are going to use.

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  1. Decorating the walls with spectacular lights

On the walls of the terrace or on the facade of our home, strategically placed sconces will give an original and very attractive touch. These can project light up, down or both ways creating an intimate and modern environment.

  1. Warm and welcoming environments

The lights of sconces usually give a refined touch to the environments, and can be of various materials. In the image you can see some conical metal, located in a straight line. The light they project is warm and perfectly matches the lighting of the fire that emanates from the beautiful outdoor fireplace.

  1. Porch lighting Rustic gardens

To illuminate only one sector, decorative lighting must be focused to accentuate certain areas creating a very special atmosphere.

  1. Mediterranean gardens

Garden lighting should be thought of considering the existing vegetation. If you have trees as points of interest, the lighting should focus on them, as well as tall and decorative plants. Here you can create beautiful scenarios incorporating color to the lighting.

  1. Highlighting material details

With the right lights and in the right places, the outside environment can become much more important and cosier. This is the case of this stone wall that highlights its robustness and attractiveness.

  1. Funny and original lamps

Depending on the style we want to print to our spaces, we can offer a variety of sensations. This is a modern and refined example, but it also conveys relaxation and informality with the decoration of the pergola and its bright luminous spheres.

  1. Aralia

With the light you can also highlight different points or areas of interest within an environment. Here we can see this sensational terrace in which each aspect has a particular light: plants, floor and details such as lanterns that add more charm to the environment.

  1. ‚ÄčThe entrance

To illuminate the main access of the house there are many proposals and designs that adapt to any style; the recessed lights, LED lights on the floor, mid-rise marks that point the way to us, are some of the suggestions for impeccable and safe lighting.

  1. The stairs

The stairs are one of the areas that must be clearly lit, because otherwise they can cause accidents. For this outdoor environment, general lighting can be applied to keep the entire area illuminated. Another option is to mark each step with recessed lights on the side walls.

  1. Hidden lights

The recessed lighting offers many possibilities to decorate the exteriors of the house; It is the best source of light because it can remain hidden. At the foot of the floors, the walls or the most prominent details of the space, these types of lights are excellent options.

  1. Combination of lights

Using lighting combined with recessed lights on the wall or ceiling and with lamps that reflect direct and indirect light, spectacular decoration is achieved. On this facade it offers a first impression without equal.

  1. A facade for celebrities

Strategic lighting for the facade of a spectacular house. Entrance road, main access, garage area and some architectural details highlighted in light result in a house of stars.

  1. Cosy access

The lighting in the outdoor areas such as facades and gardens change the face of the house as a whole.

  1. The importance of a well-lit front door

The door must be perfectly illuminated because it is the direct access to our home, in addition to the locks in it, so we must have a good visibility to enter the keys.

  1. Illuminated pool

And to finish this tour full of light and brightness, nothing more beautiful than a pool lit when the sun goes down. This can be located in different places: on the side walls inside the pool itself or outside, around, illuminating the environment.

And since we are talking about lights, we leave you this book of ideas for you to continue enjoying.

Here at Select Lighting we take pride in providing you with premium lighting solutions that are not only very functional but also visually appealing. Our products along with these habits can save you a lot of money while providing your house or business with extra decorative value.