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Changing the colour of your hair requires dedication, style and commitment, are you ready?

Among other colours – much more – and despite this, the reggaeton singer maintains a hair that is neat, silky and shiny. How do you get it if the dyes are extremely abrasive to the hair? It’s easy, you need to keep real commitment to your hair and caring for it.

Dyeing your hair is an extraordinary activity that takes time away, forces you to strive and maintain discipline because even if it is your favourite form of expression, it is tedious to have to keep it well. Yes, even if it is read somewhat exaggerated, it is completely real the fact that once you dye your hair there is no going back and therefore, the responsibility for what happens in your head is completely yours.

If you want to keep your head fresh and in trend, but you are not entirely sure about doing so, you better read some tips and once you have the whole picture you can decide what is next for your hair.

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  1. Don’t do it at home

A specialist is always the ideal option. Sometimes, to save money, women dye their hair at home with the help of their best friend or sister, but they may be left unattended holes or strands of dyeing. A stylist will always help you to give the ideal colour.

  1. Your hair is different from that of women

Starting with the length. Most boys have short hair, so a single dye or application is usually enough. Another important factor is the amount of hair and the thickness of it, so if you go with a stylist, you can apply much less abrasive and more effective dyes.

  1. You must have commitment

Although it seems absurd or meaningless, it is completely real that when dyeing your hair you should be aware of it, since sometimes it is necessary to apply a conditioner, ampoules or waxes, since half of the work is done when applying the colour, but the rest is your responsibility if you want to maintain a bright and lasting tone.

  1. Home remedies

You do not need so many chemicals or specialised in scalp care, just know some home remedies that you can do at home without the need to spend a lot – or nothing -. For example, you can apply some coconut oil as a mask at night, put baking soda in your shampoo or dry with cotton garments.

  1. Learn to distinguish which colours work well according to your skin tone and eyes

This can be a determining factor when dyeing your hair, if you choose the wrong shade, you are likely to ruin your new image. Therefore, consult certain measures and suggestions. In the same way, do not cling to those tones that do not favour you and stay away from the teasing caused by a bad choice of colour.

  1. Grey hair is not covered so easily

It is not enough to apply the dye of your preference, so that they look natural, you must apply certain techniques that are difficult at home, therefore, it is important that you really define what you want in your head or if it is preferable to give a bit of ease to your years.

  1. Maybe your hair falls out or dries out

But it is not the end of the world, for this there are products that help protect it and simple remedies that will keep you strong. However, you should know that applying a coloration – no matter how dangerous it is – is an aggressive action for the body. So, it can even cause allergies. Of course, this only happens in very specific and isolated cases; however, damage will always be present, unfortunately.

  1. Protect it before dyeing it

Prepare your mane before damage. Use masks, special shampoos and avoid heat or cold. This in order that the dye does not hurt him too much, is like putting a previous shield.

  1. You must constantly touch it up to keep its colour

Unfortunately, once you fall into the hands of colour, there is no way to return. Either you touch it up constantly or let it grow until the dye disappears. Remember to apply a little colour to the roots every time you need it, but try to make it a specialist who comes to your call.

  1. Bleaching it is harder than darkening it

This is because dark hair has much more melanin so it is necessary that there is a more intense and abrasive discoloration for each hair fibre. If you decide to do it, it is better that you know that you may have to maintain a very specific commitment with him or that it will take you more time and money to take care of him.

  1. Do not choose a fashionable tone

At this point we can gather many others that we have already touched on, such as the selection of the colour according to your skin tone, your style and even the work.

  1. Dyeing your eyebrows

Maybe it’s not the best option. These require more specific and delicate care and dyes, so dyeing your eyebrows implies more care and certain specifications that if you do not comply, you could end up ruining your appearance.

Take into account that if you want a radical change, you must take into account other specific considerations and of course take responsibility for the dye. Choose the colour that suits you best, but do not look at what others think, just feel comfortable and use the tone of your choice, but you must also understand when a colour is not correct.

. Remember that here at Barbers of Northcote we have all the skills required to keep your hair looking excellent.