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Haven’t you remodel your kitchen in a long time? Maybe it’s the same since you moved into your house. Well, we tell you that technology has been doing its thing in terms of smart appliances, such as refrigerators connected to the internet that allow you to see what is inside while you are on the bus on your way home. That on the one hand; on the other hand, there are some tips that whenever you remodel you have to have on hand, especially if you want to save and without losing quality in the attempt. And while we’re here, we go over some of the latest kitchen finishes and coatings.

Kitchen decoration is very important in homes. If you don’t like to eat, raise your hand… no one will raise it for you, right? This is because eating is something that every human being loves to do, but it also means that we love to see how our favorite dishes are made in the kitchen of our homes, that is why in addition to having a good seasoning, we need to have a very good designed and functional kitchen.

That is why this time we bring you 10 simple but totally practical tips that will help you renovate your kitchen, making it not only that place where you will enjoy something delicious, but you will also love being there as many times as you want.

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1.- Update your colors

Many times we think of the word Renovate as a synonym of changing all the furniture to have something new, but in reality it is knowing how to take advantage of what we have and improve the old to give new life and light to a space, so sometimes you just need to modernize your colors to give more personality to your kitchen without seeing yourself in the need to change all your furniture.

2.- Correct lighting

We can have a kitchen with extremely modern surfaces, but even so, that brightness that we want so much to have is not highlighted, this is because perhaps you have an inadequate lighting system.

Do not stay with those old light sources placed in a corner of your kitchen, it is better to place several small lighting points so that you can dazzle your space more elegantly.

3.- Modernise your surfaces

Your kitchen may have an excellent layout and design, but it lacks personality, that is why we suggest you modernise one of its surfaces to convey something more in trend, such as perhaps the countertops and concrete coatings. Textures and colors, something original without a doubt.

4.- Wider windows

You can give a more welcoming atmosphere to your kitchen with the presence of a larger window that allows an increase in natural light to the interior, since its peculiar brightness turns any space into an aesthetically beautiful and comfortable room.

5.- Don’t be afraid to be creative

Sometimes being upside down is not so bad, if you know how to take advantage of it; Play with the angles and positions of certain decorations to give your guests a more dynamic look. Why don’t you hang your kitchen herbs upside down? Different but fun.

6.- Handmade

Turn your kitchen into something truly yours, as a part of you, creating with your own hands and ingenuity certain elements that serve to decorate it.

You can build elegant lamps or glass holders of your own that combine perfectly with your image and the design of your kitchen to transmit part of you in it.

7.- Don’t Leave Your Walls Blank

The walls are not there to support your ceiling, they are part of your kitchen and they expect you to take them into account in your renovation, as has been shown by the incredible work done by the architects.

Combine colors, hang photos and pictures, or turn them into something more functional like chalkboard walls to jot down your to-dos, it’s all up to you.

8.- White to sterilise and Increase

White is a color that will always convey elegance, neatness and, believe it or not, it helps make everything look bigger, so using this tone as the base of your color palette for your design and remodeling is an excellent idea and even more. if you have a kitchen with reduced space.

9.- Make your kitchen vibrate

If you are a much more energetic and livelier person, so much so that you feel that white is not your thing, then dare to use vibrant colors that stimulate your creativity and energy to develop all those ideas in your mind.

Something important to remember is that you should choose few colors, since too many would make your kitchen look too loaded and would fatigue the eye.

10.- You can cover your walls

To finish with these great tips, we can tell you that the idea of ​​covering your walls is something great, since this will allow you to gain new textures in your kitchen, making it look more modern and attractive.

If you’re already giving up before you start planning your kitchen remodel because you don’t have a big budget, don’t be discouraged! The secret to home remodeling is to change very little and accomplish a lot. How? With ingenuity and creativity.

Living in our house for years we tend to memorise its spaces, the appearance, the order or disorder of things and suddenly everything seems monotonous and without a joke, and we think that to achieve a change we must restructure the entire house, almost put it back. build, when in fact it is not.

Brick, ceramic, tiles, wood or concrete are some of the options you can use to cover your walls.Australian Construction & Development Services is a business with over 30 years of experience in the field of construction, repairs and building maintenance.