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The photos of your wedding will be the most vivid memory that you will have of your great day so it is important that you hire a good professional. If you do not know how to choose it, take note of these professional tips.

Just like the wedding dress, the rings and the wedding songs that will serve as background when the bride says “yes, I want”, photographs of said day will become part of the best memories of that special moment. Transmitting from generation to generation, the different captures of the bond that represents the eternity of your great day, that which will forever tell the most important story of your lives. Therefore, choosing the photographer has become one of the most important decisions that you will face during the planning of your wedding, something important that you should not take lightly. Follow these steps and the advice provided by Fuss Photography and contact us if you want qualified professionals in your wedding.

1. The style you look for

Are you looking for a traditional approach with the usual posed type photos? Or do you prefer some more natural and spontaneous photos that tell your story during that day? The first thing you should have clear is what style of photos you want, because that premise will allow you to opt for a photographer or another. Every professional has his own style and, nowadays (thanks to the appearance of new ideas of decoration for weddings along with completely innovative styles of celebration), a great number of professionals have emerged with wonderful and different works. This means that you will have no problem in finding what you want, as long as you have a clear idea of what it is. Once you have your candidates, make a list and discard them, depending on topics such as price, quality or career of the professional.

2. Type of service

Typically, the photographer covers the entire day of the wedding: from the preparations of the couple in their respective homes to the first dance as husband and wife, to the sound of the romantic songs for weddings that you have chosen. Like other options, pre-bid and post-bid sessions are usually offered. The prewedding is always advisable because it facilitates photos and poses on the day of the wedding, once nerves, fears and insecurities in front of the camera are out of the equation, everything will be easier.

3. Number of images

Some photographers can take less than three hundred pictures. However, any high-end photographer should exceed five hundred final photos covering the standard: from the preparations of the bride and the groom, to the most ephemeral corner of the decoration, going through all those ideas for wedding details, the ceremony, the bridal session, the banquet and the dance. It is also important that you find out how long it will take the professional to give them to you.

4. Edition

In general, any professional in the sector will edit the photos. The ideal is to start with a photo in RAW format which always has more quality and flexibility in processing than a photo in JPG.

5. Budget

Calculate the maximum you can spend in the photographs, since, apart from a CD or pen drive with the images, you can also choose a wedding album for you, for your parents, printed copies to give to the guests who played a prominent role in the ceremony. Everything will depend on the budget that you have stipulated.

6. How do you want the photographs?

On a DVD, CD, pen drive or printed on an album? What kind of album? Traditional or digital? In the traditional album the photos are revealed in chemical paper, usually in a size of 30 x 20 cm, while in the digital album the photos are printed directly on the pages, remaining as a book and offering greater flexibility and creativity in the assembly, without sacrificing quality.

7. Find out details about photographers

From that list that you will have to do for the subsequent election of your professional wedding photographer, you will have to collect information. How? Looking for references in industry forums or viewing samples of their work on the internet. All this will help you when it comes to choosing the most appropriate one.

8. Get in touch with photographers

Once selected, interview each candidate on the list by phone. Be sure to ask basic questions, such as if they are available on the chosen date, the price of their services -including extras- or if they hold pre-wedding or post-wedding sessions.

9. Get to know photographers better

Interview the finalists personally. Ask for samples of your photographs or complete weddings-from beginning to end-as this is the only way you can see the style and quality of your work. Check the albums to see if the style matches what you expect. And then, ask yourself: “Is it someone I want to have working on my wedding day?”, “Is this the professional who will photograph the essence of my simple wedding dress and the infinite joy of the big day?”.

10. Final choice

Call the chosen photographer and reserve the date and service required. Then enjoy that important day.
To finish, take note of these little tips:
• Visit a photographer’s website is the best way to find out the style and quality of it.
• Write down all the details of each candidate in order to have more references when making the decision.
• Find out if your photographer has backup equipment; this is one of the aspects that most differentiate an amateur photographer from a good professional.
• Good photographers book before. So, close the date with the photographer you have chosen one year in advance.
And, above all, remember to enjoy every moment and experience it as a magical, special and personalised day. The endless number of original ideas for weddings that have emerged in recent years will help you! Portraying each memory will be carried out by your professional photographer.