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Well, if the idea is to make a cake from scratch, what are the essential steps that should be taken into account? At the request of an important newspaper, Gross, a renowned pastry chef lists his decalogue of the perfect cake:

1) Three essential ingredients. “You do not need a PhD to make a perfect cake,” says Gross. The secret is to have patience, common sense and passion for details. ”

2) The obvious is fundamental. For example, read the entire recipe before you start. Or, for example, know that if you have to make half a recipe, you must divide everything in half. “Yes, there are people who do not,” he concedes. If we have to make a third of the recipe, use the tortuous simple 3 rule that we learned in elementary school.

3) Weigh everything before making the recipe. Although we think so, a butter bread is not the same as 200 grams. The pastry chef recommends having a small kitchen scale. And the measuring vessels, those that have marked liquids and solids? Yes, they can be used, using the same glass to measure all the proportions and taking into account not to tamp the flour or sugar. A trick: always read it at eye level to see the exact measurement.

4) The oven. A whole subject. The landlords do not have a thermostat so, Gross concedes, it is trial and error until you find your hand in your oven. “Some mass is going to burn you,” he says. The cakes should always be placed on the middle grid. And turn it on 15 minutes before you start making the dough.

5) The moulds. They are very important for a cake. You have to gum them or sprinkle them with vegetal dew (you do not need to flour them) and leave them in the refrigerator until the moment of filling. The cold of the mould is fundamental, remarked the confectioner. The silicone ones serve perfectly for baking cakes.

6) The cooking time. You have to verify the diameter of the mould suggested by the recipe. If the diameter is smaller (for example, the recipe says 28 centimetres and ours measures 26) it will have more height and will need more oven to cook. If it is bigger (ours is 30) it will cook faster than the time indicated in the recipe, calculated for 28 centimetres.

7) Have everything ready. The ingredients must all be prepared and weighed before starting the dough. And the masses have to be ready (baked and at room temperature) before starting with the creams with which they are going to be filled.

8) The demoulding. Remove the cake from the oven and wait 5 or 10 minutes before unmoulding: the dough contracts and comes out better. “If I leave it half an hour, it starts to exchange moisture and it’s harder,” warns Gross.

9) Building your cake. Before slicing a cake, it has to be cold: let it rest an hour after it is removed from the oven. Always cut with a handsaw and do not immerse the last disk of dough (the one that goes over the source) because then the portions cannot be cut well.

10) Saving for later. If you left a cake, you can save it up to 48 hours in the refrigerator. In the freezer, those with more creamy and consistent fillings can last up to two months and the lighter and more airy ones (like the fruit mousses) for no more than a month. Those that carry fresh fruits are the only ones that cannot be frozen.

Alliance of chocolate and orange, another sophisticated cake

And, finally, a recipe to put the tips into practice. The one of its cake of brownie meringue, of the chapter of preparations that the confectioner recommends for beginners, and that combines those two unbeatable flavours in the local palate, chocolate and dulce de leche. To try and enjoy.

Brownie dough

  • 3 eggs
  • 250 grs. of sugar
  • 200 grs. of shortening
  • 125 grs. bitter chocolate
  • 130 grs. Of flour
  • 20 grs. of bitter cocoa
  • 125 grs. of nuts


  1. Melt the chocolate with the butter and warm it.
  2. Lightly beat the eggs with the sugar until they form a white foam.
  3. Sift the flour with the cocoa and join the smoothie together with the melted and warm chocolate.
  4. Finally, add the chopped nuts coarsely.
  5. Place in a mould of 20 x 30 centimetres or in a circular one of 24 centimetres in diameter. The mould should be lined with butter or aluminium paper and greased.
  6. Bake at 180 ° C for 20 minutes. Allow to cool before unmoulding.

The Italian cover

  • 3 eggwhites
  • 220 grs. of sugar
  • 70 cc. of water
  • Drops of lemon juice


  1. Put in a bowl 200 grs. of sugar and water, and bring to a boil until you reach a syrup with a medium point or with a thermometer measuring 120 ° C.
  2. When the syrup begins to boil, put the egg whites to beat and froth.
  3. Add the 20 grs. of remaining sugar and keep at medium speed until the syrup reaches its temperature.
  4. Dump the syrup over the egg whites. Add about 10 drops of lemon juice. Continue beating until cool.
  5. When the blender stops we must decorate the cake immediately.




The cover

  • 300 grs. of dulce de leche

On the cold brownie place the dulce de leche, either with a spatula or with a smooth nozzle sleeve.

Then place the cover on top. Decorate with melted chocolate threads.

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