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Rooms are usually those multifunctional spaces of our house par excellence, we use it to watch television, to talk, sometimes to sleep, read, enjoy the company of family or friends, or simply to spend some time alone. That is why it is important that we can feel comfortable. Proper lighting in our room can make us feel as comfortable with internal environment as we need.
Lighting is such an important element for internal decoration that it can totally change the look of a room and the feeling it conveys. From the design of each lamp, to the lighting provided, it can have a significant impact in the aura given to a specific room.
Here are some lamp designs for rooms that can help you light up your room in a stylish way.
1. Ceiling lamp
This option need to hang quite close from the ceiling which makes them seem stuck to it, as they protrude slightly, this type of lamp helps to make the space wider.
2. Hierarchy of spaces
By highlighting the architectural qualities of your room, you will enliven internal spaces. Wall lamps are characterised by their possibility to enhance details.
Using side lamps to give decorative value and accentuate the atmosphere given by any important detail in the room, thanks to the light that they project they can fill a house with elegance.
3. Intimate environment
When we see that a space does not have enough light and we need to increase lighting in the area, standing lamps are a great solution since they do not take up much space and are usually placed in a corner of the room. Floor lamps provide diffuse light and giving a decorative effect, they allow to play with visual effects and create different environments.
4. Dynamism and simplicity
Do not saturate a space with elements, it will make each one stand out for its own importance, choose lamps in transparent glass, they are a discreet combination suitable for all styles. In most cases, simplicity is the best feature about these types of lamps, they go unnoticed but they help give some dynamism to furniture design and painting.
5. Floating lights
One way to completely change the look of the whole room is to replace the conventional spotlights and invest in a wonderful decorative lamp for the ceiling. Depending on the effect you need and that matches the rest of the room, you will find many designs. They are the best option if you want a modern design in your room.
6. Illuminated sky
Recessed lights on the ceiling are a great idea to illuminate the entire room. Using these splendid lighting elements, means that you must pay maximum attention to their installation, since the distance is as important as the intensity of light emitted, depending on the area where they are implanted.
7. Playing with all the space
Lamps play a very important role in the decoration of a room. To achieve uniform decoration, it is advisable to coordinate the style of the floor lamp with the ceiling and those of the side tables, so you get a harmonious set. If you want to play with all the decoration of the room, or get a different kind of lighting, the lampshade will help you achieve it.
8. Artistic element
Lighting in a room does not depend on placing a lamp. Including designs is important for a modern stay because when adding shapes and textures, which go according to the pattern of the room, it can be adorned with its mere presence.
The intensity of the light that reflects will have a great impact, which will be the key to a functional and welcoming room.
9. Bright sphere
An excellent idea which has become very popular among new currents of design. Using a white sphere formed by a tangle of fiberglass that surrounds the focus. A model that gives off a powerful light and is excellent to place in avant-garde design environments in a refined way. Elegant and simple furniture allow the lamp to become the star of the place.
10. Eclectic taste
Decorating a room in an eclectic way will allow you to place a mixture of several objects, its purpose will be to surprise with an aesthetic vision. To highlight these elements, table lamps are the ideal ones, as they bring warmth to the space and you can also play with them mixing their shapes and styles.
Place them strategically to highlight the details of your space, this will be the key to a cosy space and at the same time full of stories, an armchair accompanied by two side lamps provide volumes to the space. The idea behind eclectic taste is to use light in order to make all elements seem like they have something to tell.
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